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About Magazine

“Engineering Cap”, is the largest circulated and leading engineering magazine of Pakistan with extensive network of reporters, editorial team and writers to grasp all aspects of engineering in Pakistan. Our aim is to bring engineering in daily life and life in the subject of engineering. It is not just a monthly magazine of engineering & technology, it is the voice of every individual who works in or loves the field of engineering in Pakistan. With our strong and unique content policy, team of senior engineers and readership support, Engineering Cap (EC) has emerged as the biggest monthly engineering magazine in Pakistan.


EC is striving to change how engineering, science, architecture, industry and technology are reported by the mainstream media. Entrepreneurship in engineering, success stories of young entrepreneurs, interviews of
eminent professionals, industry academia linkage, developing interest of youth in engineering, career
counseling, innovation and research are a few of the focused areas of Engineering Cap. We believe, our
content is beyond just news stories which makes it unique and interesting. So, for readers and organizations,
we would like to say “Why settle for the rest, while you can have the best”.

Circulation and Readers’ Profile (Both Print and Social Media)

Engineers, architects, technologists, technicians, constructors, operators, consultants, builders, developers
engineering solution providers, engineering universities, technical and vocational institutions, textile
industry, construction material manufacturers and suppliers, electrical & electronics industry, mechanical
industry, HVACR, telecom organizations, energy producers, DISCOs, EDB, AEDB, HIT, HMC, HEC, PEC, IEP, PE
Congress, Fire & Safety companies, home appliances industry, Chinese companies operating in Pakistan,
water pumping industry, steel manufacturers, cable industry, paint industry, oil & gas industry, automobile
industry, O&M firms, Professional Engineering Bodies, Ministry of Science and Technology and allied
organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industries and Production, Ministry of Housing &
Works ( PHAF , FGEHF, NC), General Head Quarters (GHQ), Banks, Insurance Companies, Embassies /
Ambassadors, international engineering universities, Chambers of Commerce, Board of Investment,
Privatization Commission of Pakistan, engineering & technology students, researchers and many more.

We are thankful to our readers for making Engineering Cap the largest circulated magazine of engineering, science and technology in Pakistan. Our team, comprising professional engineers, trained journalists and pool of technical writers, feel honored by the encouraging feedback from our readers.

Media Partner

We are proud Media Partner of the following and many more:

 HVACR Expo – Pakistan HVACR Society

 ITCN Asia – Ecommerce Gateway

 FETEX’ 18 – Int’l Islamic University

 CPEC Symposium – Capital University

 ICECE-18 – Energy Conservation & Efficiency

 ICCI – Islamabad Chamber of Commerce

 IEEEP Fair –Electrical & Electronics Industry Expo

 Fire & Safety Asia

 DICE Energy

 IT & Telecom Asia

Website www.engineeringcap.com

Engineering Cap has a dynamic website, where articles, news, trainings and job opportunities are shared on
daily basis for the information of our readers. The global Alexa rank of our website in Pakistan is 47,973
which is far ahead of other engineering publications in Pakistan. Surprisingly, the websites of other
publications are at such low traffic levels that Alexa do not even provide ranking for their website. The
website of Engineering Cap is ranked first in google search which reflects that the website is being visited by
readers on daily basis.The advertisements and promotions of our sponsoring organizations are displayed at
our website so as to facilitate them in reaching internet savvy potential customers at ZERO additional cost.


The magazine disseminates news alerts and magazine contents to around 12,600+ individuals
which include direct messages and through engineering and technology groups. Engineering Cap is
managing its own group with title “Engineering Cap – Magazine” for eminent professionals, “Engineering
Cap – Monthly” for media and advertising professionals, and “ECap Ambassadors” who have been
nominated in universities and professional bodies. Besides, a group of Science & Technology beat reporters
and PROs in Islamabad is also being managed by Engineering Cap. The Editor and Executive Editor, being the
engineers themselves, are subscribed in several technical and professional groups of societies where
magazine content and web links are shared continually. The E-copy of the magazine shared on WhatsApp
carries complete issue including all advertisements.

Facebook www.facebook.com/engineeringcap

We have 35,700 + followers on its facebook page. Posts related to latest happenings in
engineering and technology in Pakistan and around the globe are shared on it. Beside official page, the
contents of the website is further shared on science and technology groups and pages by the social media
team. The magazine pages of all the issues are shared in JPEG format in the form of album. The web link of
magazine is also shared on the page for online readers.

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Engineering Cap magazine is also accessible at Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The number of followers is increasing by each passing day.
twitter.com/enggcap instagram.com/engineeringcap linkedin.com/in/engineeringcap

Bulk Email, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups

E-copy of Engineering Cap magazine is shared through bulk emailing, yahoo groups and google groups to
around 70,000+ engineers and 1600+ companies of engineering& technology, manufacturing industry and
multinational enterprisesoperating in Pakistan. The online magazine is available free of cost for readers
having interest in engineering, science, industrial business and technology

For your feedback and queries, please feel free to contact us at ecapmagazine@gmail.com