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Engineers Protest for Jobs

“Engineers Want Jobs”

January 1, 2018: Engineers from all around Pakistan including AJK, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi and Gilgit Baltistan gathered in front of the Provincial Assemblies in provinces and protested for Jobs with one slogan ‘’Engineers Want Jobs’ and demanded from the government to provide them with jobs. The protesters led by young engineers all around Pakistan were holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands.

Protersters also shouted against the government and Pakistan Engineering Council apathy. Engr. Majid Ali Baig said, every year 25,000 plus students obtaining engineering degrees but the government had no planning to accommodate them. The engineers were of the view that about 50,000 plus engineers were presently unemployed around the country, but the government was least bothered to provide them with jobs. Doctors were given house jobs but there was no such plan for engineers to get training stipend, adding the government should stop the discrimination so that the engineers could play effective role in the country’s development, he added. Engr. Majid Ali Baig said the federal government had promised to accommodate the engineers in different projects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor but it was yet to materialize its commitment. Therefore Engineers demand the following:

1- Paid internship for young engineers with related field

2- Engineer’s head of engineering departments in all Engineering/Technical institutes

3- Service Structure for Engineers

4- Every engineer must be given at least Rs. 40,000 as a starting salary

5- Every engineer must be provided medical insurance for his/her dependents.

6- A unified system of scales must be initiated in all private and government organizations.

7- Through laws, equal job opportunities are ensured to everyone irrespective to color, creed, religion, language or family background.

8- Complete erosion of nepotism and corruption in induction at all levels in private and government organizations.

9- Number of engineers accredited each year must not accede than job opportunities available. Whenever governments accredit any engineer it is under the responsibility to provide employment to the same.

10- Number of engineers accredited each year for each field and for each DAI/University not more than 50 students.


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