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Counter Point by Engr. Asghar Hayat

According to administration of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and the official announcements through website and social media, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Engr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has approved the demand of service structure for engineers during the Engineers Convention 2017. However, people and stakeholders of this decision have different opinion and points of view. The Administration is declaring it as an announcement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, while critique suggests that the Prime Minister has just agreed to give due rights to engineers and has not announced the service structure. In 2012, Yousuf Raza Gillani, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan also approved the service structure with loud and clear words during the event organized by PEC at the same venue, i.e. Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad. However, the directive could not be implemented in last five years or so.

Engr. Abbasi seemed reluctant over appointment of engineers as heads of engineering institutions. This was clearly stated by him that engineers need administrative skills to head the organizations. According to him, those engineers who had such skills reached the top positions.

The announcement of 20,000 internships for engineers actually already had been approved from planning, reforms and development ministry and the Prime Minister only inaugurated this project. It was not the announcement of the day from the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The convention center was not full at its capacity of 2,200 and around 500 engineers participated in the event while around 1000 engineering students were there to make the event successful.

Engineering Cap, hopes that the service structure of engineers shall be implemented by the first Engr Prime Minister of Pakistan and will prove to be the turning point for the development of the economy.

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