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Engineering Cap-Call for Write-ups

Engineering Cap-Call for Write-ups

·         Technology Trends and Issues in Industry.

·         Academia-industry-government linkages.

·         Financial Engineering and E-Commerce.

·         Relationship of Science and Commerce.

·         Entrepreneurship Models.

·         Business Support Facilitation by Government.

·         Benefits of CPEC to Industry.

·         Opinion of experts and renowned businessmen on issues of industry.

·         Government Perspective on the Issues of Business/ Industry in Islamabad.

·         What Incentives are being offered to Businesses in Islamabad.

·         What incentives need to be given to business and industry in Islamabad.

·         Role of ICCI in Solving Issues and Providing Incentives

·         How innovation and Entrepreneurship could be promoted in Islamabad- Role of ICCI and Government.

·         Linkages of Universities with Industry, Present, Past and Future.



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