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Success Story – Entrepreneur Under 30 – Engr. Asad Altaf

Entrepreneur Under 30

Engr. Asad Altaf

Engineering Cap is proudly introducing Engr. Asad Altaf, the emerging entrepreneur and a source of inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs. Engineering Cap intends to bring such professionals to fore in order to serve as a beacon of light for all young enterprising professionals in general and engineers in particular.


  • Asad is 29
  • Graduated in Communication System Engg. from SEECS, NUST (2004-08)
  • Member, Pakistan Engineering Council
  • CEO & Co-Founder, MicroChip International Pvt. Ltd
  • Executive Director & Co-Founder, MicroChip Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
  • Executive Director & Co-Founder, MicroChip Shipping Pvt. Ltd
  • CEO & Founder, Envision Engineering
  • CTO & Founder, Spectra Enterprises
  • Country Director, Unilumin Co. Ltd
  • Ex-CTO & Co-Founder Enventure Impex Pvt. Ltd
  • Ex-CTO & Head of Energy, Pavital Engineering Pakistan Pvt. Ltd

Career Turning Point

Started trading of Cellphones while he was studying in College in year 2001 and his average monthly income was around 30,000. In 2006, Engr. Asad found energy as a growing business opportunity & founded a company. With the technical R & D he started from energy efficiency and then expanded to LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and reverse engineering. According to Engr. Asad, energy conservation was his starting point as a professional businessman. In order to have an experience as employee, Engr. Asad joined Pavital Engineering Pakistan as Chief Technical Officer & Head of Energy Business unit in 2012. His parents were of the view that he must get experience as an employee to become a good leader. About this experience, Engr. Asad says “It was a good experience of my life where I found that I can never be a good employee but can be a good employer”.

 Professional Highlights

Engr. Asad Altaf is supervising more than 150 employees of four engineering firms. His firms are undertaking Construction projects, Infrastructure developments, Defence & Security Services, Contracting, Trading Commodities, Civil, Energy, Telecomm & MEP Engineering, IT & Softwares, Consultancy & Design Services related tasks. He believes in creating jobs for others instead of looking for a job. He is a results driven executive with a “verifiable” record of delivering; positive returns on investments, organizational development strategies, valued innovations and change leadership.

Secrets of Success

Engr. Asad Altaf see following characteristics in a successful entrepreneur:

  • Self-discipline
  • Time and Activity management skills
  • Broad Vision
  • Financial Planning and Risk analysis Control
  • Focus & Decision making approach
  • Social & Smart Negotiator
  • Leader & Team builder
  • Self-Motivated & Self Confident


  • 10 years down the line, I want to become CEO and founder of 50 companies
  • 20 years down the line, I want to create 50,000 jobs for people of my country
  • I want to make an institute for engineering entrepreneurs which would be a not-for-profit platform. I wish, I could be the pioneer of Silicon Valley of Pakistan.

Message for Young Entrepreneurs

To be a successful businessman, all you need is positive energy, active approach, making right decisions, Focus & determination, inclination towards finding opportunities and making ideas into ideals. No money required, all you need is your ability and you need to be a best seller of skill sets.  If you have not tasted entrepreneurship in teenage, you have missed something important in your life. I am against the thinking of starting business after 40 years of age, young mind can perform better. Make yourself & reach at a point where people follow you rather you follow people.











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