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Book of the Month – “Bohat Kamayen”

Engineering Cap has started the segment of introducing books that are worth reading for professional career and business. This would be a regular feature in Engineering Cap magazine.

The title of the book for December is “Bohat Kamayen” (Earn a lot). The book is in Urdu language and written by Dr. Muhammad Azam Rumi.

This book is themed on how to start and running a successful business. The book reveals the secrets of business success, importance of marketing and how to run the affairs of the business. The book also provide information about the business trends and conceiving ideas for new ventures.

This book is published by Jamhuri Publishers which is renowned for its selection of books. Analysts suggest this book for new start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Future of Business Ideas: Tesla Reveals Electric Truck With Fuel Saving

Tesla has revealed electric truck which can go 500 miles with a single charge. Tesla unveiled its electric Semi to great fanfare. The four-motor truck was announced with a 500-mile range and some self-driving capabilities. The regular versions of the 300-mile and the 500-mile trucks will cost $150,000 and $180,000 each. There is also a “Founders Series” which will cost $200,000 per truck.

If those prices and specs stick then Tesla has a potentially disruptive offering with Semi. Most long-haul diesel trucks are priced around $120,000 and cost tens of thousands of dollars to operate each year. Tesla claims its all-electric Semi will provide more than $200,000 in fuel savings alone over the lifespan of the truck.

Companies with fleets of trucks are already showing interest. The first Tesla Semis are expected to reach production in 2019.

Electric Cars and Trucks are the future of transportation throughout the world. Many countries have targeted to convert transportation system on electric motors in next decade. Engineering Cap also published the story of ending of production of internal combustion engines in October Issue.

Electric trucks may reduce the cost of transportation of goods in Pakistan. In the wake of Chin-Pakistan Economic Corridor, electric trucks could be a potential business and investment opportunity in the years to come.

Academia also need to focus on research projects based on electric vehicles and electric filling stations. Hybrid cars are already running on the roads of Pakistan, however no electric charging stations are seen.

Is your Business Idea Is Worth Pursuing

Every entrepreneur has heard at least once – nine out of 10 business ideas fail.

Entrepreneurship is a gamble. And with the chips stacked against you, it’s difficult to know whether an idea has possibilities. But, finding that idea, and building a company with that idea in mind, is always a struggle. It almost has to be that way.

Once you get a brilliant idea, pour your heart into it. This is the secret of success. For entrepreneurs wondering if you have a clever idea or a worthwhile investment — there are three important criteria to keep in mind.

  1. It’s an idea whose time has come.
  2. You’re willing to suffer for it.
  3. Finally, it has the potential to be loved.

You know when an idea is worth pursuing if you’re willing to give up the prime years of your life for it. To spend a decade on a startup you don’t love or you don’t feel optimistic about is a brutal thought. You can make your money back, but that time is forever gone.

What will make your company successful, at the end of the day, is not the product or the idea — but rather the passion, dedication and delicate care driving both.

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