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A Major Blow to Engineers’ Stance

Cabinet Approves Non-Engineers to be appointed as CDA Chief

Engineers reject amendment in CDA ordinance

In a recent move, Federal Cabinet has approved an amendment to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) ordinance permitting only non-engineers civil servants to be appointed as CDA Chairman, Vice Chairman and financial advisor. Accordingly, federal government has appointed Usman Akhtar Bajwa, a grade-20 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Services as Chairman Capital Development Authority.

This amendment has been approved by a cabinet which has a good number of engineers on board and is also led by an engineer as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Recently, Pakistan Engineering Council presented three demands of engineers before Engr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, during the engineers’ convention 2017 which included appointment of engineers as heads of engineering organizations, internships for engineers and service structure for engineers. Surprisingly, the social media posts given an expression as the Engr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has accepted all the demands and necessary action shall be taken on priority.

In the wake of amendment, Engineering Cap learned that already serving experienced and qualified officers of CDA including engineers have been barred from being appointed as Chairman. The new amendment, in a way restraint CDA officers from being Chairman of the authority.

Eminent engineers called it a shear injustice to engineering community of Pakistan and have advised to Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) to take cognizance of Federal Cabinet’s decision and approach Prime Minister of Pakistan to reverse this amendment. Engineers and engineering associations are also preparing to file a petition in court for appointment of engineers as heads of all the engineering organizations in Pakistan in the national interest.

The engineering fraternity has rejected the amendment made in the Capital Development Authority Ordinance permitting non-engineering cadres to be appointed as its chairman.


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