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UES Guest House, Bhurban

USE Guest House Bhurban Servicing Engineers with Humility & Hospitality

By Engr. Nadeem Saddique Malik

Adequacy of lodging and tourist support facilities has always been considered a significant gap in the promotion of tourism in our beloved homeland blessed with bounties of nature with all its facets.  Attending to this area of attention, the United Engineering Society (UES) consisting of the alumni of UET, Lahore has come together to set up a modest family accommodation in the foothills of Murree near Bhurban.  The project is situated in a close proximity of other renewed lodging facilities in the area starting from 3 star Pearl Continent Hotel at Bhurban to Chinar … and other forces’s guest houses.

Before introducing the facility the vision behind the project needs appreciation, i.e., Giving back to the society instead of reckoning the misgivings.  The time has come that professional bodies like the engineering community must play their role in uplifting our country. UES is committed to raise the slogan:

                                                   “WE WILL PAYBACK TO OUR SOCIETY”

UES wishes to operate on the model of strength of community ownership thus inculcating unity in engineering community to launch joint projects like the UES Guest House at Bhurban and more similar commercial projects can be launched in future for which a special purpose vehicle has already been formed under the name of UES Projects (Pvt) Limited (UESPPL)

UES Guest House, the first ever commercial project for the welfare of engineering community at Bhurban was inaugurated by Chairman PEC on 9th April, 2017. Located in the beautiful scenic place of Bhurban encircled by mountains on the rear side, the guest house remains engulfed in tall trees and clouds, cool and moderate wind tossing the visitors all year round.

This Guest house will be used for class accommodation only for engineers & their families at the cost of operational expenses and the aim is to bring engineering community closer.  Built at an estimated cost of Rs. 25 million, UES members showed huge interest in the project and all 250 shares were sold out in just 4 hours. Currently, it is in an expansion phase, enhancing the accommodation and improving the dinning and other indoor recreational facilities.

                    “This project will extend excellent tourism concept all over Pakistan”

 Ever since its inauguration this April, we have received great appreciation from our guests which can be witnessed through their encouraging reviews and comments.  It is hoped that the standards being set by UES are going to remain firm and guide us in serving our client even better.






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