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Facts about Pakistan to be Proud of

By Engr. Ch Waseem Sajjad

We all hear and read about how people criticize and insult Pakistan, and unfortunately there are times when we cannot blame most of the reasons due to the increasing violence. But if there’s one thing I’ve been taught, it’s never to generalize. The good points of Pakistan have been hidden in this layer of violence. Let’s reconsider our potential by reviewing our past/present achievements.

First Islamic Country to attain Nuclear Power.
World’s largest ambulance network.
World’s largest deep see port is Gwadar.
World’s largest canal-based irrigation system.
World’s 2nd largest salt mines.
World’s highest polo ground.
World’s youngest Civil Judge, Muhammad Ilyas.
World’s best trained Air-Force pilots.
World’s 7th largest Pool of Scientists & Engineers.
Air Commodore MM Alam (Late) has a world record of shooting down 5 planes in less than one minute.




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