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Engineer in Civil Service

Interview of:  Mr. Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat, (Additional Commissioner / Director Administration Islamabad, Ministry of Interior)

Interview by: Haider Ali Abbasi and Tabish Abbasi


Graduated in 2003 from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute in Computer Systems Engineering

  • Internship in Imperial Chemical Industries Lahore

M.Phil in Govt. and Public Policy in 2013.

  • Lecturer in University of Central Punjab for 1 year.
  • Currently invited as a speaker at National Defense University Islamabad (NDU) and Pakistan Institute of Parliamentarian Studies (PIPS), Institute of Business Administration

Passed CSS in 2005

  • 1st posting as Assistant Commissioner in District Larkana
  • 2nd posting as Assistant Commissioner in District Sukkur
  • 3rd posting as District Manager Primary Healthcare Initiative, Ghotki
  • Additional Deputy Commissioner Islamabad
  • Director Municipal Administration Islamabad
  • Deputy Director General Land and Estate, CDA Islamabad
  • Deputy secretary Establishment Division, Cabinet Secretariat
  • Additional Commissioner / Director Administration Islamabad, Ministry of Interior
  • Attended Public Administration Workshop in Malaysia
  • Attended Municipal administration course in Turkey
  • Attended Mid-Career Management course from National Institute of Management (NIM) with a certification on Evidence Based Policy Decisions by Harvard University, America
  • CSS
  • 1 year preparation
  • Family background, Father was serving in Civil Services (Punjab Police)

Why joined Civil services?

I had inspiration from my father as he was a civil servant. I was also passionate about civil services because it gives you the opportunity to work for the people of Pakistan. It gives a change to show leadership skills and work for the betterment of society at large. It is a good career because it provides recognition in society , as well as, recognition and prestige associated with the civil services of Pakistan .

Engineer Role

An Engineer can change a society on small scale through a project or a scheme whereas a CSP has a better chance to serve nation and change a society at large scale because now a days Pakistan is suffering the problem of good governess so, for contributing in and improving good governance, educated people have to come forward and should take a responsibility for amelioration of nation.

Jobs Problems

Main problems for shortage of jobs in Pakistan are due to our bad policies. We should not be looking to reduce the no. of Engineers per year but our main focus should be on creating opportunities and jobs for Engineers in more effective way.


PEC is facing a problem of lack of communication between Engineers and industry so,  there is a need to develop effective and better relation and communication between Engineering Universities and industries our Engineers are serving in whole world and Alhamdullilah we are producing best of the lot of the Engineers in the world.

USAID Exchange Program

University from where students are availing exchange programme should sign a document with USAID officials so that the syllabus difference between USA and Pakistan Universities could be managed as same for reducing the problem faced by students while they come back from USA on exchange programme and have to study their semester course again.


We are producing if not best then very good PHDs every year, Government should give handsome and good salaries packages to PHDs residing and serving abroad so that they could come and serve Pakistan and Pakistani students.


Main problem which we are facing now a days in our educational system is the involvement  and influence of politics in Universities, at the mean time it is required that universities should be De-politicized and best result could be achieved in near future.

Use of Drug in Universities

Whenever a student is reported for Use of Drugs or dealing in drugs in universities premises or any students who is reported for supplying drugs either in universities or in city should have to go through blood test and his/her daily routine should be monitored by relative institution.

Young Engineers Association

It is time to organize such a setup where engineers could be collected for raising of their genuine issues like job shortages, less study opportunities and such. But one thing should be kept in mind that this association should not be used for any sort of personal politics or personal gains. A convention was held in Jinnah convention center presided by prime minister of Pakistan Engineer Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to fill the gap between Engineers, industries and government.


Engineers should participate in country’s politics because Engineers have analytical mind and they are best managers also. Recently one of the best examples is himself the prime minister of Pakistan Engineer Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, so Engineers in larger interest of country should participate in politics and student unions revival is a need of hour now.


Engineers should take up jobs wherever they get an opportunity regardless of pay or duty hours. Once they get the experience then they could demand pay and facilities based on their experience to their heart’s content.


Engineer should largely focus on their own business if the can manage because by using their passion and skills for their personal business they can do in much more better way for developing country .

Engineers exchange programme with India

As in Medical colleges of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, there are seats reserve for the students which comes from Indian occupied Kashmir, government of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir should sign treaty with Indian Govt. for exchange of Engineering students also as Culture exchange programme for universities students in Pakistan by USAID.




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