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Success Stories of Business Aptitude of Youth

By: Aman Hashmi

The world became a different place last year, as we witnessed  many success stories sprouting out from all corners of Pakistan. These stories tell us how our talented took on the challenges successfully. These individuals rocked various fields and managed to encourage a growing number of entrepreneurs, thinkers and many other people to take risks. While most names that come to mind have their roots in many first world countries, we feel that there is plenty of untapped talent in Pakistan that is lacking the proper recognition that they are rightfully entitled to. These individuals are often overlooked due to the absence of a proper platform that can help bring these individuals to the limelight.

Now we see the youth working across Pakistan in almost all the fields currently. From education to films to arts to medicine to engineering to politics; you would not find a place where these young talented people are not functioning. Every day they bring in new ideas such as Street Art Competitions, Sports events, Debates, magazines, public relations and the list goes on.  We look at some of Pakistan’s youngest entrepreneurs and leaders who have managed to achieve a lot, by doing everything on their own from scratch. Here are some people worth noting.

1 – Khalida Brohi, Age: 25 yrs

Khalida is an outstanding woman, She has taken a firm step for the rights of women in Pakistan and rather than just choosing to be another voice on the social media outlets, she has instead chosen to do something practical. Being at the helm of the Sughara Foundation. An NGO targeted to helping empower women through education and training workshops to help encourage other women entrepreneurs to be a bread winner rather than be a victim of domestic violence or honor killings.

She is a social entrepreneur who prides herself as a harbinger of empowerment for women in Pakistan, she has appeared at various conferences, talks and arranged various other seminars to help create awareness about the deplorable state of women in Pakistan and is taking a step by step initiative to make sure hers is a voice that is not lost in the crowd .Her recognition for the state of women in Pakistan and choosing to fight the male dominanted society of Pakistan in order to obtain more rights for women and having an effort to putting an end to the pain, suffering and meaningless deaths of countless females who are victims to physical, psychological and other kinds of violence is truly what makes her one of the  proudest additions to the list. She is indeed a brave and perhaps a true example of a Knight in Shining armor and surely a figure for all women in Pakistan to look up to as a model Pakistani.


2 – Sameer Ahmed Khan, Age: 24 yrs

Sameer is a skilled developer, being recognized for his talents by Microsoft and Nokia is no small task for some one of his age and it becomes an even bigger deal when you have won small scale and large scale competitions from the companies. Sameer has achieved a number of accolades in the field of technology and has made a number of apps to show his prowess in the field.

Sameer has been portrayed as Jack of all trades with many awards for him to flex his geek muscles with. All his hard work has earned some well-deserved recognition and he is currently working with an American based company to make something that can be every Pakistani student’s worst nightmare but at the same time a dream come true for students in the west. His current endeavor is called “evernym an amazing concept which truly deserves some recognition and this project is currently what is occupying all of Sameer’s time. To post Sameer’s accomplishments, awards and accolades would require us to give him a separate page. Among some of his achievements are winning the Imagine cup 2013 as “National Winner” in the “Games” category as well as a Nokia Developer Champion. These are only a couple of the many proud titles he holds. Sameer’s attitude, his incredible talents and how he continues to strive for excellence is what has earned him a well-deserved spot on this list.

3 – Hassan Aftab, 5. Hamza Akmal Chaudhry, 6.Rayan Tofique and 7. Mujtaba Ahmed

Space travel has become an increasingly mainstream topic in the recent years and with the growing troubles here on Earth it is no surprise that NASA is conducting tests on permanent settlements in Space. These four students at Lahore Grammar School, Johar Town in Lahore, as part of the winning team from Pakistan have qualified to compete in the world competition called ‘International Space Settlement Design Competition’. Here’s hoping they make us all proud.


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