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Why Oil Companies Leaving Pakistan ?

Engr. Sardar Shakut – Senior Manager Well Served Oil Company.

Interview by Engr. Asghar Hayat

I was born in Rawlakot Azad Kashmir. My Father got commission in army in 1959. My father got injured in 1971 war and we  shifted to Rawalpindi, he got tamgha e basalat . I passed Fsc from Sir Syed College Rawalpindi in Pre Engineering. Got mechanical engineering degree from UET Lahore in 1989.I joined Pakistan Oil Fields in 1989. I worked as field engineer in POL in five years. Then I started my job as technical sales representative with Baker Oil Tools, a multinational company, at that times Baker Oil Tool had no office in Pakistan. In December 1997, I Joined ABB, the famous oil company as a sales manager. During that job I got opportunity to work in Different Countries like Singapore, Qatar, Abu Dhabi , Dubai and KSA.I got many trainings and became expert during that job. I started working with Al Masood Oil Fields Services in 2004 as Country Manager. In 2006 I Joined ITS which later on became Well Served Oil Company. ITS was UK based company at that time, they were going to start a new division Tubular Running Services, I started that TRS division. In 10 years we are able to compete with Weatherford a well reputed oil company in the world. From last three years we have also started pressure control division.

Q: What do you consider your success factors?

First and most important thing behind my success is prayers of my parents. Second thing is dedication and third one is honesty. If you are dedicated, honest and prayers of parents are with you, nothing in the world can stop you from success. You need to be dedicated to the work. You need to be honest to the work.

Q: Considering youth of today, what do you think are main issues of today’s youth?

The biggest issue with today’s youth is that they are not focused. They are unaware of targets. They are unaware of their future planning. A youngster having no focus would find it very difficult to progress in life. One has to be very clear about things that what to do and how to do it. That’s the bottom line. You should be aware of the way to reach the success point.

Q: Where  do you think  is the actual gap?

Students should be aware of practical aspect of the curriculum. Internship during study and course work is very much important. Through that internship student know about practical implications of knowledge. There should be industry academia relationship. In this relationship industry tells academia about its demands and how the upcoming graduate should be trained. There is a large gap between academia and industry. In our system we tell youth to remember specific formula without a thought where it may be applied.

Q: How can this gap be reduced?

We need to minimize the gap between academia and industry. Internationally universities are linked with industry; they send them to industry for practical knowledge. Where they are trained. They get industrial knowledge and sense. On his return hi asks questions from his professor and in this way his concepts are cleared. Here in Pakistan, neither Pakistan Engineering Council, neither Higher Education Commission focuses on it. Even Ministry of Science and Technology is not working on it. There should unitization and comingling of academia and industry. Not only academia but industry will also gain from it.

Q: How and from where funds can be generated for this industry academia linkages and practical training of students?

I think it is very simple, half of funds should be arranged by university and half should be arranged by industry. Universities are collecting heavy fees from parents, where this money goes. It should be utilized for practical knowledge of students. Prime Minister instead of announcing internships for graduate students should announce paid internships for students. It will bring big change.

Q: Majority of our technical intuitions like PIA, OGDCL etc are at a loss? Why it is so?

I think these intuitions are white elephants. There should be system of public private partnership. If Privatization is on neat and clean basis and on merit. It will produce positive results. If you have to give one time golden hands shake to employees to safe an institution, do it and do it on radical basis.

Q: what are issues of oil and gas sector?

This biggest issue is that the large and famous oil companies are leaving Pakistan. They are leaving this country due to inability of our government. Government has to take radical steps on it. Petronas Oil Company largest oil company of Malaysia left Pakistan, BHP(Australian Oil Company) left Pakistan, Occidental Oil and Gas left Pakistan, OXY also left this country, Premier sold it’s shares. Why all these countries are leaving Pakistan? These companies are leaving because policies of our government are changing on daily basis. Government institutions are creating delays on implementations of deals and agreements with private sector. Every new government brings new petroleum policy. This is the reason that’s why oil market of Pakistan is not as that lucrative. These companies have invested billion rupees and now they are leaving.

Q: How this situation can be controlled?

There investment can be safeguarded only by consistency in policy; there is no rocket science in it. Government should look at demands of companies. Their legitimate demands should be fulfilled. Government should take steps to regain their trust.

The percentage of well success in Pakistan is very high than many countries, but our infrastructure development and support from ministries is pathetic. As the number of multinational oil companies will increase, the exploration of oil and gas can be increased and our country will progress. Usman Amin Uddin set a target of 100 oils per year during Musharraf’s regime and there was great progress in oil exploration during those years. Such incentives should be given by government to increase exploration.

Q: what are problems of companies at field?

Major issues faced by countries are like security issues, facing threats from land lords. People here are very cooperative, they understand by well establishment there will be job opportunities for local

Q: What are benefits of establishing Gawardar Port? And oil being established there in near future?

The Advantage of Gawardar port is that we are giving China a route and in return they will pay us and we will invest that money to develop our economy. We will grow economically, educationally and morally. The transportation will be cheap and there will be much difference in prices in near future.

This article is published in March 2018 edition of Monthly Engineering Cap Magazine. This article can also be read online in the animated version of magazine at http://engineeringcap.com/engineering-cap-magazine/

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