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Success Stories – Entrepreneur under 30


  • Syed Fahad Raza is 23.
  • Graduated in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power from Iqra National University (INU) (2011-2015)
  • Post Graduate in Project Management from Institute of Management Sciences.
  • Member, Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Co-Manager at Google Business Group (Peshawar Chapter)
  • CEO and Co-Founder at Khpal Dukan.
  • Member at TEDx
  • Former Program Coordinator at Iqra National University (INU)

Career Turning Point:

My journey started when I transferred my credit hours to INU in 3rd Semester. I found it one of the wise and most useful decision of my life. Since I grew up in not very modern environment, I had to struggle for altering myself in the modern atmosphere. Being a student of Electrical Engineering who had no knowledge of how market worked, I was expecting that a job is waiting for me as soon as I graduate. But by the time, I realized that this is definitely not the way it works. By participating in productive activities, it gave me the confidence and exposure which helped me coming out of that shell I was in since the start of my degree. By the time, I finished my degree, I had working experience of more than a year. When it comes to my entrepreneurial attitude Google Business Group (GBG) has played in immense role in my grooming and learning experience. GBG gave me the exposure towards entrepreneurial eco-system. After 2 years of experience with GBG, I had a very realistic picture of startup culture. Hence, I decided to start my own venture.

Professional Highlights:

Engr. Syed Fahad Raza at Iqra National University has managed the department of 25 faculty members and over 1000 students. Engr. Fahad, as a Co-Manager GBG Peshawar has secured the top 10 GBG Chapters among all the chapters around the globe and has been invited to GBG Global Conference at Singapore. He has been part of Executive team of international conference funded by The World Bank by the name of Digital Youth Summit. His startup ‘Khpal Dukan’ has been awarded with second position at Startup Weekend Peshawar with prize of 50,000 rupees and free working space. The same idea has been selected in top 12 in Pakistan Startup Cup and is forwarded to next stage where the top 3 startups would get grant of over 1 million rupees. Khpal Dukan has generated the revenue of over one lac rupees in first month.

Secret of Success:

  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Aptitude of research
  • Open to Innovation
  • Get-it-done attitude
  • Learning from Failures


  • 10 Years from now I want to be founder of 5 major initiatives that would not just only be amazing in monetary term but also provide value to the society.
  • 20 years down the road, I want to end poverty in Pakistan by enriching them with required skills that would help them earn as much as it is required to live a decent life.

Message for Young Entrepreneurs:

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be prepared for failures. Read success stories of legends like Steve jobs, Jack Ma etc. and take inspiration from them. Think outside the box and challenge the status co. I would suggest to anyone who’s reading this that come out of your little shell, the real world is waiting for you. Trust yourself; there’s no rocket science involved in being an entrepreneur. Why look for a job when you can create one? Give it a try!

This article is published in March 2018 edition of Monthly Engineering Cap Magazine. This article can also be read online in the animated version of magazine at http://engineeringcap.com/engineering-cap-magazine/


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