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The Idea of HVACR Expo-Interview of Chaudhry Nadeem A. Rauf Chairman HVACR Society Islamabad Chapter

Chairman, Organizing Committee25th HVACR Expo & Conference.

Interview by Engr Asghar Hayat.

The idea that all stakeholders / professionals related to HVACR, i.e. Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration in Pakistan should sit together to meet existing and future challenges was developed in 1993. The stakeholders were to include manufacturers, traders, consultants, contractors who were working in this area. This led to the creation of HVACR Society of Pakistan.
In 1994 an ad-hock committee was constituted which formulated the first by-laws of the society. The first Expo was held in Islamabad at the National Technical Institute. In the beginning it was a difficult task to convince people of the viability of the idea, as it was new. But the work continued. This in turn led to the first Conference on HVACR which was held in Lahore in 1997.
Then it was decided that its venue will be rotated in the future. Now the society is rotating its conference venue every year. Now it has taken the shape of international exhibition from last 2-3 years. More than 30 international companies participated in exhibition held in expo centre Lahore last year. We hope that the exhibition this year in Islamabad is going to be trend setter; it will be biggest event in the history of Rawalpindi Islamabad. I was selected chairman organizing committee of this event in 2017,we launched this 25th exhibition on 17th August 2017 and Alhamdullah, we sold out all exhibition online within 27 minutes, I think this is a big record, we cannot find such success anywhere in the world. The main reason behind this success is that HVACR has now become a brand and the participants and exhibitors wait for this exhibition for whole year, the exhibitors, traders and contractors receive great response from this platform. We have gained this trust through continuity of policies. More than 50 International companies are participating in this exhibition, companies from China, Germany, Italy, UAE, Korea and other countries are participating here. It shows the worth of this society and this event. We hope we will continue getting such a great response in future too.
What is scope and market of HVACR in Pakistan?
It is related to industrial, commercial and common house hold user. Any building, house or construction is incomplete without HVACR. Centrally heating / cooling is need of the hour. It has become the part of our life in a way that it cannot be separated. Business activities in Pakistan are expanding due to CPEC very rapidly. In every building, in every industry HVACR is necessary.

Where was our industry standing in 1993, and where does it stand now?
When we started journey in 1993, this industry was at very initial stages in Pakistan. New things were coming to the market, at that time there was only a window AC concept, there was very little concept about heating. I would like to say that the industry had very limited scope in 1993. The HVACR was not compulsory part of our industry or house hold or commercial buildings. That was the start of HVACR in our country; our society faced many difficulties to convey to engineers, technicians and industrialists that this technology is going to become compulsory part of our industry in future. Now it has become the basic part of our life at common house hold as well as commercial and industrial level. In 1993 the basic purpose for the formation of society was to create awareness in the market about HVACR. To educate people about the scope of this industry, to make them aware of what was happening abroad. The basic purpose of this expo is also to create link between local and international industry.
At the start there were only few participating companies and we faced much difficulty to convince others to participate in this expo. But with the passage of time companies started joining expo and now it is a mega event.
What was the HVACR society able to accomplish in addition to raising awareness?
There are two jobs of society i.e., awareness and learning. Awareness comes through exhibition. We also started learning sessions and technical seminars through we are providing technical learning. We are conducting these technical seminars in our chapters on monthly basis, just to educate our technicians, to educate our engineers, to educate our common man. To educate them about use of this technology. In the beginning there were very few seminars but now it has become a routine. In our three day exhibition we have a conferences on parallel basis, in which technical papers are presented. This three day conference is held under American Society of Heating and Refrigeration (ASHRE). Pakistan HVACR Society is member of ASHRE, and we have local chapters of it. PHD scholars from local and international world present their thesis and technical papers, in this way knowledge sharing is accomplished. This is regular practice held along with exhibition.
What step HVACR Society has taken to make these courses part of education?
TEVTTA Rawalpindi has dedicated one full floor for HVACR, the courses related to HVACR including both short and long courses are taught there. There are number of technical institutes in Punjab , KPK and Sindh where these courses are now taught. In our universities and other educational institutes it is not taught as a subject. In engineering there is a segment of HVACR, in which very little education is provided regarding HVACR. We have signed MOU with Pakistan Engineering Council, the person who attends our seminar gets CPD points from Pakistan Engineering Council.
Don’t you think there is big scope for youth in this field?
The tragedy of this field is that the youth skilled in HVACR area leaves Pakistan. So brain drain is big issue. We still have shortage of skilled labor in this industry, we don’t find well skilled labor and we have to provide onsite training to our labor. There is much scope of this industry because CPEC is coming and industry is expanding, the HVACR is basic part of every industry, so in future we will need more labor skilled in HVACR. There is much scope in this filed. I will advise youth to get training in this field and get job on fast basis. There are many institutes which are providing training after Matric and FSc, youth can join them to get 3 months or one year training or training in specific segment of HVACR. I would say companies are ready to pick them. They can get adjust themselves at very good pay scale. We have excess of technicians in electronics, electrical, civil and mechanical and we have shortage of technicians in HVACR. I would ask the youth to come and take admission in these courses, after that onsite training should be provided to them. We are working on proposal to link private training institutes with society so that the data of youth having course in HVACR should be provided to companies so that their jobs could be confirmed at fast basis. HVACR is a huge filed. All fields of engineering are linked with it. All engineering students can join this field after getting relevant training. They can get promotion in this field. Possibility of job here is zero to ten.

What is purpose of theme “Conserve energy for better future”?
Energy conservation is talk of present and future. Other countries have done a lot in this field. Even in air conditioning and heating energy conservation is the key. Whether it is air conditioning of a residential house or building it needs to be energy efficient. We are working on this concept to save energy, save money and reduce losses. We know that this industry will flourish further by working on energy conservation and green building concept. Many things and items are introduced in the market for energy conservation.

What is role of media? And what media should focus in this field?
Media has much influence in our society. Media can take the field to glory, but unfortunately media is not giving attention to this filed. Main job of media is to create awareness, we are working on it since last 25 years and a lot more is needed to be done. If media joins hand with us, destination can be achieved earlier. Media can spread our message in much better and effective way.

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