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FETEX’18 Media Partner – Engineering Cap

Report by: Engr. Asghar Hayat.

Faculty of Engineering & Technology Expo (FETEX) was organized by International Islamic University on 27th& 28th April, 2018 at its main campus in Islamabad. Engineering Cap had the honor to be the media partner for this exclusive event where 15 universities participated.
Talking to Engineering Cap, Engr Tilah Muhammad, Event Supervisor FETEX’18 shared that It was basically a students’ initiative which was later owned by International Islamic University and budget is also being allocated by the university for organizing it annually. Activities of the event are divided into two categories, technical and non-technical, he added. The purpose of technical activities is to give practical shape to the knowledge of students, to check whether they are practically leading or lagging. Basic aim is knowledge sharing. The purpose of nontechnical event is to bring students out of hectic study routine and to freshen their minds for upcoming challenges. Friendship develops between students through these games which helps them to interact in future and work together, Engr Tilah Muhammad said.
Engr. Dr. Suheel Abdullah Malik is Chairman, Electrical Engineering Department at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). His basic education is from State Board of Jammu and Kashmir, graduated in electrical engineering from Bangalore University, migrated to Pakistan in 1999, joined Hamdard University as Lab Engineer and in 2003 joined Muhammad Ali Jinnah University and served as Manager Engineering Labs and was later promoted as lecturer. In 2007, he joined Department of Electrical Engineering of IIUI as Assistant Professor, completed his PhD in 2015 and promoted to Associate Professor in 2016.
Engineering Cap met with Engr Dr Suheel Abdullah Malik during FETEX’18 to get his views about engineering education in Pakistan. The following lines reflect his answers to the questions asked by
Engr. Asghar Hayat from Engineering Cap (EC) magazine.
EC: Tell Us about Electrical Engineering Department of IIUI.
International Islamic university started Department of Electronics Engineering back in 2003. At that time it was under Faculty of Basic and
Applied Sciences. Later on, it became Department of Electrical Engineering. In 2007, when I joined IIUI, we had only two labs now there are 25 labs. In 2007, we had only one PhD, but now we have about 20 PhDs in our faculty. Department has produced more than 12 PhDs so far. Total 12 batches have been passed out from this department and all of them are accredited from Pakistan Engineering Council.
Q: How can we develop entrepreneurship in youth?
Pakistan Engineering Council has recently implemented the outcome based education system. I think, the main motivation behind this is entrepreneurship. Seminars and workshops should be organized on entrepreneurship. Through seminars and workshops students and youngsters come to know how they can get a good start. It is not necessary to make it part of the course work. Renowned entrepreneurs should be invited to deliver lectures to university students. In this way, university students who are willing to become entrepreneurs get motivation for their startup. The final year project should be a problem solver to encourage entrepreneurship ideas.
Q: How academia-industry linkage can be strengthened?
Academia Industry linkage is a country wide problem and doesn’t exist here. Initiatives need to be taken from academic side. We have established industrial liaison cell here at IIUI. We invite companies to our open house and other events so that they can visit and see our projects. Now Higher Education Commission (HEC) is also realizing this, they have decided to fund the projects under industry-academia joint venture. Under this program academia and industry will jointly submit project in HEC for funding.
Talking about FETEX, Dr. Suheel told that our department started FETEX in 2010. It is an exclusive event of Department of Electrical Engineering, it include quiz competitions, skill competitions, mini cricket, mini volleyball, speed wiring, robotics and much more. Universities from across the country and especially from twin cities participate in these activities. Total 280 teams from different universities participated in activities last year. Every student have some god gifted skill, these skills are explored by such types of events. Similar event is also organized at female side of the Department, where female students from different universities participate in activities.

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