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MUET Delegates participated in Twentieth Strategic Workshop (SW’18) in Norway

Vice Chancellor MUET Professor Dr MA Uqaili along with Distinguished National Professor Prof Dr BS Chowdhry recently attended Twentieth Strategic Workshop (SW’18) meeting having “Theme of Social Innovation for Sustainable Infrastructure”, on the invitation of CITIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark held at Scandic Ishavs Hotel Tromsø, Norway. Various sessions and panel discussions were held covering the aspects of Vision & Innovation, Business Models for Technologies for Humanity & Sustainability, Cloud Computing, Business Oriented Technology Paradigm, Next Generation Internet & 5G LTE for Sustainable Society, Future Strategies.
It was transpired that current practices and methodologies in era of social science and technology are continuously evolving. New innovative technologies and ICT are creating hindrance to make a constant or a particular system of work to be followed. This instability and continuous transition needs modification and our attention to address the issue. This abrupt change will definitely abolish our current system of work and way of thinking. The next major wave of information technology is all about integrating the physical world with the Internet via pervasive deployment of mobile and embedded computing devices. The ability to view, search and interact with the physical world will enhance our lives in numerous ways. The result is a set of evolving “wireless ecosystems” that are weaving wireless information into the fabric of human life and society. Digital metamorphosis, big data and smart concepts may bring turmoil in current industrial practices and business models. The key challenge is to brew or insert new coming innovation into a system, which must be proactive, interdisciplinary, and towards building a prototype for sustainable infrastructure.
In the concluding session, it was agreed to take part in forthcoming EU projects on Open Internet, Cloud computing, and 5G technologies. The participation includes Senior academicians and researchers from USA, Italy, Norway, Germany, Finland, Macedonia, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, Belgium, and Pakistan. This was first time that delegate from Pakistan was invited to attend the strategic workshop.


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