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The Eternal Connection between Art & Engineering

By Engr. Ch. Waseem Sajjad.

There is a profound connection between art & engineering. Creations of works of art and creation in engineering have much in common. How So? They both need a deep level of understanding of the ambiguous nature of real-life situations.

Listening attentively to stimulating music, reading thought-provoking literature, examining different forms of art or even watching films all have something to contribute to our education as engineers.

When one hears the name “Leonardo Da Vinci”, automatically, one would think of his famous paintings. What is not as commonly known is that Da Vinci is renowned in various scientific fields; Civil & Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and hydrodynamics. However, during his life time, he was employed for his engineering and inventive skills, most notably the movable dikes he invented to protect Venice from invasion.

The same man responsible for creating masterpieces such as Monalisa on the last super, was also responsible for conceptualizing ideas that were greatly ahead of his time…. flying machines, a calculator and the use of concentrated solar power.

Thought history, it was only the elite that were able to participate in the creation, development and appreciation of art. However, in the modern world, technology has advanced so greatly that almost everyone has the means to bring their ideas to life.

Creativity in-itself regarded as art while art is incomplete without creativity. An idea can be very creative and artsy, but it needs certain means and skills to bring it into existence. Although many design engineers could be considered as artistic for designing amazing entities such as Ferrari, Air Jet’s, a spaceship or just the steam engine, even when they are not, engineering still serves as a tool for creation. So, I encourage my fellow engineering students to find any form of artistic expression-be it music, poetry, photography, art etc. Get out there and express yourself. No, matter how dismal the attempt may be…at the end of the day you will be a better engineer for it.

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