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Wake Up! What’s they saying

By Noor us Sabah.

Khawaja Fareed University Engineering Information & Technology (KFUEIT),

Rahim Yar Khan.

“There is nothing for man except what he strives for”

(Al-Quran, Chapter 53, Surah Najm, verse 39)

Struggle and hard work with a direction always leads to success. To achieve anything, one must have faith and believe in oneself, a vision, determination, and the most important dedication towards the achievement of goal. Success never comes when one relies on the divinity of God and stay sitting idle with the hope that an angel will come and present him success as a gift. The verse quoted above clears the way one should follow and be amongst successful. It best depicts the secret behind the success of successful people. As God helps those who help themselves.

Keeping an eye on the lifestyle of the individuals who have been idealized can make us think differently. The individuals who have been dedicated to their work and embraced success in their hands. The people who strove for their goal, continuously worked for it, created opportunities for themselves, involved others in their work, kept a focused eye on the target, took the best of decisions they could, impressed the whole world with their way, never lost hope, learned lesson from their failure, got motivation from their past success, didn’t wait for tomorrow, believed in their strengths and compensated for their weaknesses. Such people truly and definitely reach to destination. There is nothing here that can stop them have their target.

The vague and undefined goals are uncertain and unachievable. Goals can never be achieved without a clear road map that leads them to their set point. Sometimes it is required to modify the path but an abstract line should be clearly drawn in the mind of a person that guides him when he is distracting from the path.

A question arises here that how to get to draw such a line in mind? And how to reach the desired place?

So here are some key points that can lead one to the target very easily.

  1. Environment:

Environment has a great impact on the thoughts of an individual. It provides a person to think differently. A person living in a quality atmosphere has many differences than a person who belongs to an offensive and ill environment. The ideal environment as a whole makes an ideal society. A society that is able to produce extraordinary individuals. A society that builds character of its members. A society that gives confidence to the younger ones. A society that develops creativity of mind and thoughts. A society that develops the habit of team work in the individuals. When all these come to practice leads the whole nation to the altitude of goodness and ultimately to success.

  1. Think Positive:

Positive thinking and freshness of mind are like childhood friends. With a fresh mind one is able to think deep inside a matter and clearly draw the picture of its future and how to get to that place easily and successfully. Positive thinking also plays a very vital role in stress management. It brings happiness and relieves pain. Halen Adams Keller about positive thinking says,

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

A positive thinker can even find a way in the darkness all around. There is always some ways in the plights to run and get rid of it. So one should not lose hope and strive for good in such situations.

  1. Cooperation:

Cooperation is a key factor that multiplies the output value. Two individuals working together can increase production four times. It saves time and resources.

“No individual has sufficient experience, education, native ability, and knowledge to ensure the accumulation of a great fortune, without the cooperation of other people.”

(Napoleon Hill)

  1. Integrity:

Honesty, unity, solidarity, morality, nobility, sincerity, courtesy all when combined form integrity of a group or nation. It can be achieved by setting the ethical and moral standards. Integrity brings all to a single platform where success is regarded as a success of everyone. It saves us from hypocrisy.

The best way to defeat someone is to beat him at politeness.

(Umar bin Khattab R.A)

Politeness is the sword that creates impression on the cruel hearts very softly and quietly. But the gash it marks is the deepest of all. Moreover courtesy is the tool that attracts everyone effectively.

  1. Taking good decisions:

Maturity of mind is the essential gadget that is required to take the good decisions at the right time. Another thing that should be considered before taking a decision is the anticipation of effects that will be seen after taking that decision. So first is to note down all possible effects and then is to optimize the things. But when it has been taken then there is no choice to think back. Now is the time to be strong and firm on the step you have taken.

“Think hundred times before taking a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man.”

(Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

  1. Courage:

Courage is the entity that actually depicts that how a man or a nation as whole can face the terror of the foe. It makes one to stare at the eyes of the opponent without wobbling.

“You will have to make up for the smallness of your size by your courage and selfless devotion to duty, for it is not life that matters, but the courage, fortitude and determination you bring to it.”

(Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

  1. Struggle:

We all know that “Hard work is the key to success” but majority of us don’t actually apply it in our lives. Most of the time we show our smartness by deceiving someone but forget that reality remains at its place. Hard work brings experience where smartness works after gaining sufficient experience. So when it’s our grooming face, it’s all hard work that is required. So keeping on struggle brings success all the way.

“Struggle is the meaning of life; defeat or victory is in the hands of God. But struggle itself is man’s duty and should be his joy.

(Sir Aga Khan III)

“I will dig the mine of my physical strength to the last ounce of that metal to serve my people. And when that is exhausted, my work will be done, for life will be no more.”

(Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

  1. Self-motivation

The factor that remains hope alive in a person is the factor of self-motivation. It makes one to find a candle light in the shadow of darkness. It urges one to do something without wasting time. It teaches the importance of time for time is the vital resource in life. Self-motivation never lets a man die spiritually. Hence to bring a change as a leader in a society self-motivation is necessary to urge a man do something. Something that ordinary people are not practicing in their lives. Keeping ourselves alive can make us cause a change all alone without the appreciation or encouragement of others.

So if you want to have an everlasting life, the life of a hero, you should be working with full zeal and zest. You should not sit down and mope over your losses rather you should find the ways for yourself. Listen to the voice of Quran. Listen to the voice of your Quaid. Listen to the voice of your visionary philosopher and national poet. Listen to the voice of your saints and sages. Listen to the voice of great leaders. Wake up! What’s they saying? It’s time to seek the streaks of light in the blackness around you. It’s time to work, work and more work. Time has not passed. You are lucky for you are having a chance in your hands to play your part. As Mr. Ahmad Faraz says:

You should believe in your strengths and cope positively with the weaknesses. You should find the work of your interest. The work that can prove to be a source of pleasure for you. An amazing thing happens when we get honest to ourselves and start doing what we love, what makes us feel happy. Then life gets changed and we have a very broad and wide range of thoughts. The thoughts that lead us so high. Even as high as the skies. That is why Iqbal says:

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