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Engineering Education – Finding the Right Program

Engineering is a very coveted profession. It is well respected world over, and Pakistan is no exception. Becoming “Engineer” is the dream of many students while only a few manage to get admission in an engineering program. However, today there are some problems which are being faced today with the Engineering Education Programs. Pakistan is facing the issue of un-employment among youth in almost all professions and engineers have no exception.

Considering Pakistan of today there may be a glimmer of hope. In the wake of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), many construction projects related to energy, infrastructure and industry have been conceived and a few have already been executed. The demand of engineers in the coming years is expected to rise. While on the other hand, thousands of engineers are struggling to get appointment letter for their very first job since years. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has taken the notice of existing situation and has taken adequate measures to allow restricted intake to engineering universities and institutions so that the number of graduates passing engineering degree may be checked.

Many students who opted for Pre-Engineering in their high school education are aspiring to get admission in engineering. Admissions usually start in June and some universities complete their admissions by August for the fall semester. This is the high time for prospecting students to understand the laws of the land for engineering education to avoid fancy traps.

Requirements for Bachelor’s in Engineering

A candidate seeking admission in an Engineering University for working towards Bachelor’s Degree in any recognized branch of Engineering must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • The candidate must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC/HSSC) Pre-Engineering Examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, securing at least 60% marks in aggregate of a University, a Board of Intermediate or Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. In addition, a combination of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Studies/Computer Science may be allowed for admissions in all Computer related Engineering Programmes, Electronics, Telecommunications and Avionics Engineering Programmes and a combination of Biology, Physics, Chemistry may also be allowed for Bio-Medical or Bio-Engineering: Provided that any candidate who has been admitted in an Engineering Institution or University for working towards Bachelor’s degree in any recognized branch of engineering before the 6th June, 2003, and does not fulfill the above specified minimum requirements for such admission, shall be considered for registration by the Pakistan Engineering Council or he or she has passed any other examination of a Foreign University/Institution/Examination Body, with both standard as well as scope wise is equivalent to the Higher Secondary School Certificate (Pre-Engineering) of a University or a Board of Intermediate/Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. Equivalence of the Examination passed by the candidate shall be determined by the concerned University.
  • He or she has passed an entrance test conducted by the respective Institution or University.

Quota of Admission for DAE & B.Tech

A candidate who has passed the Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) Examination, securing at least 60% aggregate marks shall be eligible for applying in admission against [02%]3 reserved seats in relevant discipline of Engineering in which he or she has passed the DAE examination; and the relevancy of DAE will be as determined by Accreditation Committee of this Council; and (ii) A candidate possessing [B.Tech (Hons)/B.S/B.Sc./Bachelor of Technology (with relevant discipline)]4 or equivalent qualification duly recognized by HEC seeking admission towards the relevant engineering discipline against 02% reserved seats of [B.Tech (Hons)/B.S/B.Sc./Bachelor of Technology (with relevant discipline)]5 , shall be considered for admission in 2015 and after, with one year of exemption: Provided that the candidate possessing B.Tech (Pass), B.Tech (Hons) qualification recognized by HEC enrolled/ graduated upto 31st December, 2014 in relevant engineering discipline against reserved seats, with one year and two year of exemption respectively, shall be considered for registration with the Council.

 What you need to know before Admission

Before you get admission in any engineering program in Pakistan or abroad, prospecting student must ensure that:

  1. the university is recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  2. the degree is recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  3. the engineering program (discipline/ campus/batch) is listed in the accredited list of programs available at PEC website (pec.org.pk)

What is PEC Accreditation?

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) regulates the engineering education in Pakistan through its accreditation and assessment procedure. Engineering institutions need prior approval of PEC to start an engineering program. Visit is conducted to check the basic infrastructure and facilities available for the students before giving a go ahead signal to announce admissions. The basic requirements of an engineering program include number of relevant faculty, student-teach ratio, qualified faculty, laboratory equipment, library, class rooms, adoption of prescribed syllabus etc. Once the engineering institution ensures the availability of minimum benchmark facilities, PEC accords accreditation for start of the program. PEC team gives an interim visit during four years and then after successful evaluation in fourth year, the batch accreditation is awarded. PEC team visits each batch/intake at least once and ensures compliance of recommendations communicated in the previous visit.

It is important to learn that each program, batch and campus is accredited separately and general accreditation is not awarded to engineering universities by PEC. Hence, it is possible that one program of a university is accredited while the other is not. Also, a similar program at another campus of a university may not have the accreditation status.

Why PEC Accredited Program is Important?

PEC registers engineers as “Registered Engineer” and issues a certificate of membership. This registration certificate is important in getting employment in public sector organizations and abroad. A unique discipline wise number is allotted to each registered engineer which can be verified from the verification link available at PEC website. Graduates of a non-accredited engineering programs or a non-accredited batch are not considered for registration with PEC. This puts them in a difficult situation as many doors of employment remain shut for such students. Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council constantly advise the prospecting students to refrain from getting admission in those engineering programs which are not accredited by PEC.

Top Ranked Engineering Institutions

Students who are interested in getting admission in engineering program need to understand that PEC does not maintain any ranking list of universities. PEC awards accreditation status to engineering programs and if the program meets the requirement, accreditation is awarded. However, there are different websites which enlist the top 10 and top 30 engineering universities in Pakistan. These lists could be reached through google search engine.

Important Links

Province wise list of PEC approved local programs is available at:


List of foreign accredited engineering programs is available at:


Allowed intake data of engineering universities can be accessed at:


Regulations for Engineering Education can be read at:


For any query or complaint:


Bachelor of Technology

 Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) is a different stream of studies then Bachelor of Engineering. Higher Education Commission has established a National Technology Council (NTC) of Pakistan to regulate the B. Tech education in the country. Through Accreditation NTC ensure highest degree of credibility, in assurance of Quality Technology Education and Relevance of Professional Education & Training to all Stake-holders such as Academicians, Business Houses, Educational Institutions, Government, Industry, Regulators, Students and their Parents.

Student who are interested in getting admission in B. Tech must ensure that the program is accredited by NTC so that they could earn a recognized degree. The details can be read at NTC website (http://www.ntc-hec.org.pk)

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