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Are You Interested in Engineering

By Sarmad Shahbaz.

Engineering is not only a study but a field of life. The human life existence, as we know it today, is based on the Engineering which is the imaginative as well as practical application of science, mathematical methods for design, construction, operation, and maintenance of structures, machines, materials, devices, systems, processes, and organizations.

The term engineering is derived from the Latin ingenium, meaning “cleverness” and ingeniare, meaning “to contrive, devise”. And just as the original word implies, in Engineering one has to be alert to the Scientific advancements and their practical applications in order to provide innovative workable solutions.  As an engineering student, I have to be alert to all such possibilities. Sure, it results in pressure all the time, bringing me to edge some times. I feel overwhelmed with the concepts, continuous pace of study, and yes, the exams. It indeed is overwhelming.  But at the same time when you imagine reaching the milepost, becoming the coveted engineer and applying all what one learns in academia, it sure is exhilarating.

Engineering is all about the geniuses of human minds. Engineering is a puzzle of techniques. You develop things, use your intellect and knowledge to resolve things in a practical manner. There is a quote which says

“Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.”

There are loads of things which should be noted before getting into this never-ending puzzle but in this article, we will discuss the top five most important, noted and serious things. If you are willing to join hands with engineering, this article is a must-read for you.

Following are the things to be noted before choosing an engineering program.

  1. Learn Mathematics (It’s Mandatory)

The favorite subject to most of the students nowadays, Mathematics is the core of engineering. Whether you’re studying Electromagnetics or dealing with Signals, maths is all you need.

Mathematics is often used to solve complex practical problems. And it is when used by engineers that this kind of mathematics brings about the most instrumental real-world solutions to our problems.

Mathematics is the base of engineering. From learning about circuits or you’re doing things related to building, you will always need the help of mathematics.

Like anything in life, there will be things you just have to survive to achieve the goals you have for yourself.  Don’t let a couple of pesky math classes stop you from being a great engineer!

  1. Start Programming

Maximum engineering students from the very beginning are least interested in programming. In today’s engineering, every pupil has to take a preliminary computer science subject in their first year. These courses aren’t tough to understand if you know what you’re doing.

The selection of any programming language isn’t important at this early stage. The main thing is to understand what you are doing. Understand the functions, program flow, and variable types. This will let you visualize how to complete a particular assignment. Let the professor cover the distinctions of the language used in class.

There are tons of languages which you can use to practice. C programming language is the basic one and will help you in understanding the essentials.

  1. An effective presenter

Presentations, are considered a nightmare to engineers. A record number of engineering students are bad at presenting things. To become an effective presenter, you must have a flawless confidence in yourself.  This sureness comes with training and the comprehension that people are only going to judge you if you’re bad. The only solution is to become a good presenter, that’s it.

“If you can’t do it well, try to present it well.”

You can improve this skills of yours by observing great presenters. TED talks, in particular, are an excellent resource. An engineer with good presenting power is rare. Become this rare and the whole world is yours.

  1. Google (Your Right Hand)

Google, the best source of knowledge is your right hand if you are an engineering student. Why Google? Because you find all the related and relevant stuff to your assignments, projects, and schemes on it. If you understand how to google things, half of your work is done.

Engineers from all around the world have GOOGLE in common. This search engine is the best source of knowledge for you.  You can figure out where to get answers to physics questions, figure out which YouTube channels work for teaching you math. Find and collate sources of technical information for projects, but most importantly, get good at finding answers to obscure questions. Being an actual “Googler” is somewhat that may not always be visible, but is always helpful.

  1. Be a Leader

All projects need leadership. Limited people want to lead teams, and even rarer are really good at it. Nonentity imagines a fresh pass out to be a total specialized at the project, plans, and scheme management, but being able to lead, to take a project in a direction you think is right, is a complete advantage.

Almost all of the projects in engineering course are team based. You have to be compatible in order to survive. Being contented handling communication between multiple people, and self-assured enough to set limits for a team is going to make projects go 100% flatter. This leadership will not only help you in surviving through this golden degree but will also help in the professional and qualified life.

If you’re looking to go into engineering — congratulations! You’re on your way to making a real difference in the world. Know yourself, your skills, and always be willing to learn more. Attainment of knowledge in these skills earlier in your first semester is going to set you up for a flat evolution from high school and set you up for accomplishment in all your homework and tasks. Good luck, go get that iron ring!

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