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Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan IEEEP

By Engr G R Bhatti
Ex-Vice President(South), IEEEP.

The love and affection by Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinaah for the Engineers is evident from the fact that he founded the Institute of Engineers, Pakistan just after 266 days of the creation of Pakistan i.e. on May 07, 1948.
The bellow is message from Quaid-e-Azam for the first inaugural meeting of Institute of Engineers on June 20, 1948. Quote, “The establishment of institution like INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS will greatly stimulate technical research and help in disseminating available information. The INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS will not only benefit the engineers themselves by improving their technical knowledge but also bring lasting benefits to public services which they are upon to perform. I wish the Institute every success” Unquote.

The activities of all disciplines of engineering continued under one umbrella till 1969 when it was deemed by Electrical Engineers that they are not free and independent in fulfilment of the aims and objects related to Electrical and allied disciplines, hence, The Institution of Electrical Engineers came to existence with Head Quarters at Lahore.

The Institution of Electrical Engineers, Pakistan was launched with the Mission, “Paramount objective is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, disseminating technical knowledge amongst the Engineering Community and technical professionals everywhere” and the Vision, “ IEEP shall be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology, improving global conditions by achieving improved services for the mankind”.
With the passage of time there were many offshoots of Electrical Engineering including but not limited to Electrical Power, Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer, etc, as such the name was changed to The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Pakistan.
The Head Quarter of IEEEP is at Lahore with Local Centers in all big cities but most active are Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
To achieve the objective, Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Pakistan is making best efforts for the dissemination of technical knowledge among the Engineers as well as development of Engineering and Science through its publications and events. Thus, IEEEP is playing a commendable role in promoting engineering education and profession in the country.
The dissemination of technical knowledge takes place through monthly technical seminars, annual symposia, students seminar, technical exhibition, etc.
The multi topic international symposium and technical exhibition are the icons of Karachi Center where the foreign experts and companies also participate, thereby giving it International status.
For healthy competition and encouragement shields and certificates are awarded to authors and organizers in seminars, symposium, students seminar and electrical goods fair. The participation certificate is also accepted by PEC for CPD points required for renewal of their registration.

Its affairs are managed by the Central Council which consists of two parts ie Managing Committee and Executive Committee. The Managing Committee comprises of President, Vice President(North), Vice President(South), Hony. Secretary General, Hony. Treasurer and Hony. Joint Secretary whereas the Executive Committee comprises of various members from categories of Fellow, Member and Associate Member.
The are two types of members i.e. Corporate Membership which include Fellow, Member and Associate Member with right of vote whereas Non-Corporate Membership consists of Associate, Graduate and Student members.
The elections are held every year; however, each incumbent can enjoy the office for two terms continuously. As per IEEEP election byelaws, the sitting council nominates the succeeding council and the same is circulated amongst the corporate members. In case there is no contender, the same is announced as elected in the next Annual General Meeting which takes charge for one year and in case of any challenger, the election is held by the Election Commissioner nominated in the AGM.
The most important to note is that The Institution is an NGO being run on non-commercial basis without any help or grant from any governmental organization and free from all political or nonpolitical influences.

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