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Top 5 Engineering Disciplines in Pakistan

Top 5 Fields Other Than Engineering in Pakistan

05. Electrical Engineering

04. Aeronautical Engineering

03. Chemical Engineering

02. Manufacturing Engineering

01. Civil Engineering

05. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of the biggest and broadest designing control that arrangements with the investigation and use of power, hardware, and electromagnetism.

Electrical designing has now subdivided into an extensive variety of subfields. The two noteworthy branches incorporate gadgets and Power Engineering. Gadgets designing is further sub-diveded into numerous different fields including hardware, PC building, control designing, media communications, control frameworks, and microelectronics. A large number of these sub disciplines cover with other building branches, spreading over countless, for example, equipment designing, control hardware, flight, mechatronics and nanotechnology

What do Electrical Engineers do?

Plan and create framework for age and transmission of power

Outline and grow more proficient electrical hardware

Plan and create computerized apparatus i.e. PC equipment, movement signs, tablet or cell phone you obtained as of late are all perfect work of art of electrical building plan.

Robots are involved sensors, actuators, microchips and complex criticism control frameworks,

Space ventures – profound space correspondences, hearty control frameworks, additional earthly GPS for route and situating, control age and capacity systems, imaging frameworks

Advanced restorative innovation that you experience in a cutting edge clinic including CT, MRI and PET imaging machines, ECG and circulatory strain screens, all based off electrical designing standards.

Occupation Market of Electrical Engineers

  • Electrical Power generation and transmission companies
  • Electronics industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Computer Manufacturing Industry
  • Telecom Companies
  • Construction industry
  • Defence industry
  • Fast-moving consumer goods industry
  • Marine industry
  • Materials and metals industry

Extent of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan

Degree and request of Electrical specialists is high in Pakistan. There are more openings for work for electrical designers in Pakistan than some other field of building. Pakistan is as yet confronting vitality emergencies, for requirement for more power houses, sustainable power sources is being felt which will result in more request of electrical designers.

Normal Salary of an electrical specialist in Pakistan with a four year college education and least 5-7 years encounter is PKR: 90,000/ – . Beginning Salary of electrical architects is PKR: 30,000 to 50,000 every month.

Affirmation criteria for Electrical Engineering in Pakistan

At least 60% Marks in FSc Pre-Engineering

Finishing Entry Test

Legitimacy ranges from 78% to 84% in Government Universities

DAE Or B.Tech degree holders can likewise apply

Legitimacy in High positioned founds in regularly near 80%

Legitimacy in Private colleges is as low as 65%

Top Electrical Engineering Universities in Pakistan

National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad

College of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi

College of Engineering and Technology, Taxilla

Mehran UET, Jamshoro

College of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar

Related Fields of Electrical Engineering

As of now specify, Electrical Engineering is the broadest of all designing fields. It has many sub-fields or branches and numerous colleges in Pakistan are putting forth BSc engg degree in the branches of Electrical Engineering. These fields are additionally offered as a specialization in Electrical Engineering certificate program. So because of high value of in the event that you can’t get confirmation in Electrical designing, at that point you may likewise consider the Following is the rundown of related projects


Correspondence System

PC Engineering

Control System


Electrical Power


Gadgets and Telecom

Vitality Systems Engineering

Modern Electronics

Power Engineering

Media transmission

Step by step instructions to Become an Electrical Engineer

There are four kinds of degrees that prompt Electrical building

BSc Engg in Electrical Engineering

BSc Engg in Computer, Telecom, Electronics, Power Engineering

Tech in Electrical Technology or related fields

DAE in Electrical Technology or related fields

Both the First two decisions, BSc Engg in Electrical and BSc Engg in related fields are exceedingly suggested for high stamps understudies, as you will have the alternative to move to any field, land a position or go for MS in any of the related fields of Electrical. For a degree in Electrical Engineering, ensure that Electrical designing bureau of your college is perceived by Pakistan Engineering Council.

For those having low stamps, they can go for Computer Engineering, Telecom, Hardware Engineering and so forth… as value of these degree programs is low, since individuals don’t have enough data about these fields, and they are intrigued to go to Electrical Engineering as it were. Albeit the two decisions are the very same, so regardless of whether you have 74% imprints, you can get affirmation in high positioned colleges in these fields of Electrical Engineering.

04. Aeronautical Engineering

Advanced plane design manages the outline, improvement, testing and support of the hardware that can fly in Air and Space. It is a blend of both the science and innovation of flying machines that work in Air (Aero-Nautical Engineering) and hardware that work outside the world’s air or in space (Astronautical Engineering).

What do Aerospace Engineers do?

Subsequently Aerospace Engineers configuration, create and test the followings:

  • Aircrafts
  • Helicopters
  • Missiles
  • Fighter jets
  • Drones
  • Space crafts
  • Space shuttles and
  • Satellites

Extent of Aerospace Engineering in Pakistan

Advanced plane design is an exceptionally requesting field. Employment alternatives are restricted yet those accessible offer great compensation bundle and in addition high societal position. With the appearance of room innovation in Pakistan, and PAF searching for better local contender streams, the extent of Aerospace is expanding and its request is getting higher.

Work chances of aviation design specialists are anticipated to grow 6 percent in the course of the most recent ten years around the world. The request of Research and Development is additionally high as new air ship causing less commotion contamination and expending less vitality are sought after. Additionally, new advancements in little satellites, for example, cubesats, which are utilized for some reasons, for example, correspondences or social affair information, are currently picking up notoriety notwithstanding the utilization of automaton innovation. Business are presently considering to utilize rambles as a conveyance device.

Compensation of Aerospace Engineers in Pakistan

Normal Salary of Aerospace Engineers ranges from 180,000 every month to 250,000 every month for those having least four year college education and five to seven years involvement in the field.

Aeronautic design Education

Four Year BSc Engineering qualification is offered in Aerospace Engineering in Pakistan.

Qualification Criteria of Aerospace Engineering

Least 60% checks in Matric

Least 60% Marks in FSc Pre-designing or Equivalent

Section Test

Legitimacy is typically high in the colleges which extend from 84-90%.

Advanced plane design Universities

National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad (Risalpur Campus)

Establishment of Space Technology, Islamabad

College of Management and Technology, Lahore

Aeronautic design Job Market

Aeronautics designers are employed by every one of those organizations, businesses engaged with avionics. Following is the rundown of real bosses:

Occupation Market:

  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Suparco
  • Private Airlines
  • Private Flying Clubs
  • Universities
  • Army Aviation Wing
  • Passengers Aircrafts Manufacturing Companies
  • Missile Development Factories
  • Nuclear Energy Commission
  • Satellite Manufacturing Companies
  • Research Centers
  • Research Organizations
  • Space Research Associations
  • Missile and Helicopters Manufacturing Companies

How to wind up Aerospace Engineer?

There are five choices to turn into

here are four courses to wind up an Aeronautical Engineer

Join PAF Aeronautical Engineering course after Inter

BSc Engg/BE Degree in Aerospace Engineering

BSc Engg/BE in Mechanical Engineering

BS in Space Technology

B.Tech or Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or Aviation Technology

BSc Aeronautical Engineering isn’t the main decision to wind up Aeronautical Engineer. Be that as it may, you can likewise take the accompanying choices

Join PAF Aeronautical Engineering course

PAF accepts FSc Pre-designing understudies. FSc pre-Engineering understudies with least 65% imprints can apply for PAF Aeronautical designing course. After culmination of 3 years preparing program, graduates are offered BSc Engineering qualification from NUST and are utilized at PAF for the most part at PAF Aeronautical Complex Karma.

BSc Engg in Mechanical Engineering and Related degrees

As Aerospace Engineering is a sub branch of Mechanical Engineering, a qualification in Mechanical designing and its related fields is a decent decision for getting to be aeronautical designer. You can finish your lords in Aeronautical or Aerospace building after BSc Engg in the accompanying fields

Mechanical Engineering

Assembling Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced plane design

A few colleges additionally acknowledge Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering certificate holders for MS in Aeronautical Engineering

Tech or Diploma in Aviation Technology/Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Four years B.Tech in Airt create Maintenance or Aviation Technology is a decent decision for those having low stamps in Matric and FSc and willing to join Aerospace industry. In spite of the fact that B.Tech degree prompts collaborator level and specialists level occupations in Aeronautical industry, however this can be a decent decision who can’t influence it on justify for To be Aeronautical Engineering. 3 years certificate in a similar field after matric or entomb is likewise a decent decision for the individuals who need to begin from the get-go in the field. Compensation bundle of certificate holders is additionally high and alluring. Confirmation holders can gain 80,000 every month in this industry.

03. Chemical Engineering

Substance Engineering is the investigation of outline, improvement and task of modern compound plants and creation of synthetic substances, fuel, solutions, nourishment and different items.

A synthetic specialist outlines substantial scale forms that change over synthetic substances, crude materials, living cells, microorganisms and vitality into helpful structures and items. They take a shot at all zones of compound responses including those to expel synthetic substances from squander materials, to empower extensive scale produce.

It covers different fields in mineral based enterprises, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, manufactured strands, oil refining plants and so forth.

What do Chemical Engineers do?

Outline and create modern plant

Find new and conservative methods for delivering synthetic compounds, fuel, pharmaceuticals, and nourishment items.

Enhance sustenance handling strategies, and techniques for creating manures, to build the amount and nature of accessible nourishment.

Create manufactured strands that make our garments more agreeable and water safe; they create strategies to mass-deliver drugs, making them more reasonable; and they make more secure, more proficient techniques for refining oil based commodities, making vitality and concoction sources more beneficial and financially savvy.

Create answers for ecological issues, for example, contamination control and remediation.

Process synthetic compounds, which are utilized to make or enhance pretty much all that you see around you.

Employment Market of Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical development industries
  • Gas and oil extraction industries
  • Oil refining companies
  • Nuclear industries
  • Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
  • Pakistan Ordinance Factory
  • Power generation industries
  • Process industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Fine and heavy chemicals company
  • Agrochemicals
  • Fibres and polymers
  • Food and drink industries
  • Plastic and metals industries

Extent of Chemical Engineering in Pakistan

Compound specialists are in awesome request everywhere throughout the world in view of the extensive number of businesses that rely upon the union and handling of synthetic concoctions and materials. Albeit number of openings for work in Pakistan are constrained, and it is hard in the beginning of the vocation to locate a reasonable place. Yet, once you discover work, it offers great pay bundles.

Pay of Chemical Engineers ranges from 30 thousands to 150,000 every month in Pakistan.In expansion to customary professions in the compound, vitality and oil ventures, you can likewise discover expanding openings in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and ecological building.

Affirmation criteria for BSc Chemical Engineering in Pakistan

  • Minimum 60% Marks in FSc Pre-Engineering
  • Passing Entry Test
  • Merit ranges from 72% to 80%
  • DAE Or B.Tech degree holders can also apply
  • Merit in High ranked institutes in normally close to 80%

Top Chemical Engineering Universities in Pakistan

  1. UET, Lahore.
  2. Punjab University
  3. NUST
  4. UET Khuzdar
  5. NFC Multan & Faisalabad

Related Fields of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is broad field. It has many sub-fields or branches and many universities in Pakistan are offering BSc engg degree in the branches of Chemical Engineering. So due to high merit of if you cannot get admission, then you should also consider the Following is the list of related programs.

  • Materials Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Polymer and Petrochemical
  • Textile Engineering
  • Food Processing Engineering

Instructions to Become a Chemical Engineer

There are four kinds of degrees that prompt substance designing

BSc Engg in Chemical Engineering

BSc Engg in Materials, Metallurgy, Polymer or Food Processing

Tech in Chemical Technology or Textile Technology

DAE in Chemical Technology and/or related fields

First decision, BSc Engg is exceptionally suggested for high stamps understudies, as you will have the alternative to move to any field, land a position or go for MS in any of the related fields of substance designing.

Second alternative, BSc Engg in related fields, is the best decision for the individuals who have marks going from 68-75% as these are simply synthetic building fields, however because of less data, understudies don’t think about these choices, henceforth justify in these fields is low. Indeed, even in top positioned colleges, value of these fields is around 70-72% which settles on it an amazing decision for those thinking about a vocation in substance building however have low marks.Third alternative, B.Tech is for those, who have 55-65% checks and have a specialized inclination. Despite the fact that B.Tech degree holders are utilized as experts and collaborators of BSc Engg degree holders, however it could likewise be a decent decision to go into synthetic industry on the off chance that you have low checks.

DAE is for those have money related or family issues, and need to begin winning early. DAE is a 3 years confirmation which should be possible after Matric. You can land a sensible position after DAE and can likewise go for BSc Engg or B.Tech on the off chance that you need to proceed with your examination.

02. Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering manages the investigation and utilization of Engineering Procedures in Manufacturing items and strategies for creation. They plan and deliver new items and parts for different businesses. These items incorporate anything from biomedical gadgets to PC chips. The best positions in this vocation are accessible in aviation items and parts fabricating, and those utilized in PC and gadgets item producing appreciate the most elevated compensations.

What do Manufacturing Engineers do?

Plan and create new items

Research and select best procedures and apparatuses and advancements for assembling an item.

Plan and Design the frameworks, plants and manufacturing plant that will create the item

Outline new frameworks, hardware and procedures for the presentation of new items or for the change of existing ones

recognize flaws, examine generation issues and repair hardware rapidly and effectively

Direct the running, administration, support and change of the processing plant.

Step by step instructions to wind up a Manufacturing Engineer

To wind up an assembling engineer you require a four year college education in building. It isn’t vital to have just Manufacturing science certificate, yet you can likewise enter the business through numerous other science degrees. The accompanying science qualification subjects are especially important.

  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic engineering
  • Manufacturing or Production engineering
  • Mechanical engineering.

Despite the fact that you needn’t bother with a Masters qualification, having an applicable Masters in building can improve your prospects.

Job Market Manufacturing Engineering

Assembling engineers are utilized by relatively every kind of industry that has a final result. You can discover openings in.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Industry
  • Biotechnology
  • food and drink
  • Oil refinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plant and machinery manufacture
  • Plastics and many more

mployers extend from little neighborhood activities to huge multinational associations with plants and tasks everywhere throughout the world.

Extent of Manufacturing Engineering in Pakistan

Extent of Manufacturing Engineering is great in Pakistan. Particularly with the appearance of industrialization, the need is on the ascent. We live during a time of quick development, complex innovation and manageability. Normally, the activity has turned out to be much more essential, as every one of the ventures require creative items and effective procedures to create items.

Related Fields of Manufacturing Engineering

Assembling Engineering is a branch of Mechanical Engineering and has many related fields, so in the event that you can’t get affirmation in this field or don’t discover a college offering this program close you, the followings are great alternatives for you.

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Electronics Engineering
  • Materials Engineering

01. Civil Engineering

Structural building manages the plan, development, and support of the physical structures, including streets, spans, structures, dams, railroads and air terminals. It is the most seasoned branch of engineering.All regions of building and developing a structure fall under crafted by a structural specialist including arranging, plan, planning, looking over, development administration and examination.

What do Civil Engineers do?

Plan and outline the undertaking by dissecting the review reports and other information

Plan the venture by evaluating costs, security strategies, Government rules, and different variables.

Test soils to decide the sufficiency and quality of establishments

Test and decide the ebst building materials, for example, cement or steel

Give cost assessments to materials, hardware, or work to decide a venture’s financial plausibility

Utilize outline programming to plan and outline every one of the components of a building or an undertaking ie transportation frameworks, water powered frameworks, and structures

Occupation Market

  • Contractors and consultants companies
  • Buildings and construction companies
  • Airports industry
  • Bridges industry
  • Highways agencies
  • Railway industry
  • Environmental industry
  • Geotechnical companies
  • Coastal and marine industries
  • Energy and power plant industries
  • Tunneling industry
  • Water and public health companies

Extent of Civil Engineering in Pakistan

Extent of Civil architects is high in Pakistan. Request is getting ever more elevated with the expanding interest in lodging undertakings and town plans like Bahria Town, DHA and different social orders. Notwithstanding these, CPEC and other enormous remote tasks have expanded the requests of new structures, airplane terminals, transportation and streets foundation which is straightforwardly connected with Civil Engineering.

Normal Salary of a structural designer in Pakistan with a four year college education and least 5-7 years encounter is PKR: 110,000/ – .

Confirmation criteria for Civil Engineering in Pakistan

Least 60% Marks in FSc Pre-Engineering

Breezing through Entry Test

Legitimacy ranges from 74% to 80%

DAE Or B.Tech degree holders can likewise apply

Legitimacy in High positioned founds in regularly near 80%

Top Civil Engineering Universities in Pakistan

  1. UET, Lahore.
  2. UET, Taxilla
  3. NED UET Karachi
  4. NUST
  5. UET Peshawar

Related Fields of Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering is an exceptionally wide field. It has many sub-fields or branches and numerous colleges in Pakistan are putting forth BSc engg degree in the branches of Civil Engineering. So because of high value of in the event that you can’t get confirmation in Civil building, at that point you may likewise consider the Following is the rundown of related projects.

  • Building & Architectural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Construction Engineering & Management
  • Water Resources Engineering & Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Water Resource Management
  • Architectural Engineering (Somehow related)

How to Become a Civil Engineer

There are four types of degrees that lead to chemical engineering

BSc Engg in Civil Engineering
BSc Engg in Building, Transporation, Geological, and Architectural Engineering
Tech in Civil Technology
DAE in CivilTechnology and /or related fields
First choice, BSc Engg in Civil is highly recommended for high marks students, as you will have the option to move to any field, get a job or go for MS in any of the related fields of Civil Engineering. For a degree in Civil Engineering, make sure that civil engineering department of your university is recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council.

Second option, BSc Engg in related fields, is the best choice for those who have marks ranging from 68-75% as these are purely civil engineering fields, but due to less information, students don’t consider these options, hence merit in these fields is low. Even in top ranked universities, merit of these fields is about 70-72% which makes it an excellent choice for those considering a career in civil but have low marks.



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