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Shell-eco marathon is one of the world’s most challenging innovation competition held annually in Europe, America and Asia. The event challenges young engineers to come up with innovative solutions to make environment friendly and more importantly fuel-efficient car. It is a platform which brings out the best in students, both in terms of the technical skills they possess and their marketing and communication qualities. Team PNEC NUST has been a pioneer for Pakistan in Shell-eco marathon with its history in the competition dating back to 2009, and the team itself winning several awards and gaining widespread recognition along the way.

Team PNEC also holds the distinction of being one of the few teams globally which participates in both the Urban and Prototype category of the competition. This goes a long way in showing the dedication with which both the team’s technical and marketing teams have performed since its inception. The team has consistently knocked on the doorstep of this landmark engineering competition, qualifying for the competition a record 6 times, more than any other team in Pakistan. Furthermore, the team is all geared up to represent Pakistan in many more events with increased vigor and determination, the nearest event being SEMA’18.

With experience comes the ability to transform failures into successes. This fact has been clearly outlined in the Team’s trophy winning campaigns in recent years. It bagged the Communication Award in 2014 and most recently in March 2017. The Communications Award is one of the most prestigious off-track awards in Shell Eco Marathon, the silverware being awarded to the team with the best campaign revolving around their vehicles, promoting eco-friendliness and environmental awareness. The team has also managed to perform admirably in the technical front, achieving 2nd position globally in the Shell Dream Car Concept in 2015 and most importantly winning the Technical Innovation Award in the same year.

Apart from event-day achievements, Team PNEC NUST understands and strives to promote the message of Shell-eco marathon, which is the introduction of environmentally feasible, smart technological innovations which have the potential to bring about a green revolution in the current transportation system. The team realizes the importance of not only respecting this message internally but also to spread it amongst the masses. Consequently, the team has conducted several far-reaching campaigns including Adopt A Tree, a tree-plantation campaign spread across Pakistan to promote eco-friendliness. The team is also one of the few teams in the country to have an elaborate National Outreach program which has enabled its members to reach about 150,000 people with its message of technical diversity and the hazards of environmental degradation.

The team is now set to participate in Shell-eco marathon 2019, in the hopes of achieving greater heights.


  • 2019:

Idea: The idea behind this system is to harness the energy that is developed due to pressure variations in the tyres and improve the overall efficiency of the electric vehicle.

Output: The system is expected to produce almost 150 watts per 10 kilometers.

  • 2018:

Idea: Previous year’s innovation included the incorporation of piezo-electric transducers which converted the vibrations of the car into consumable energy.

Output: This contributed to the overall fuel-efficiency of the vehicle by making use of energy which was previously wasted.

Salient Features:

  • Team participates annually in an international competition, Shell Eco-Marathon Asia.
  • The competition aims to encourage eco-friendly engineering and promotion of environmental awareness
  • The competition takes place annually in Singapore
  • Team PNEC NUST has been Pakistan’s most successful SEMA Team and has been participating in the competition since 2009
  • Team PNEC NUST have won two Communication Awards (2014, 2017) and won one Technical Innovation Award (2015)
  • In this year’s competition which took place in March 2018, we were ranked 12th overall amongst 120 teams throughout the globe and were placed 2nd in the Technical Innovation Award Category
  • Apart from the competition, we conduct Communication Campaigns throughout the year to educate people about environmental awareness. Our most recent campaign was a collaboration with WWF as part of our Adopt A Tree campaign to plant mangroves in their Wetland Centre


  • The competition, since the past few years, has been taking place at Singapore
  • Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2019 will take place in Thailand


  • The Team is based in NUST’s Karachi Campus- Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
  • It has 20 members which travel to the event
  • The team is divided into two categories; Team Urban and Team Prototype- as we enter both categories of the competition
  • Every year they design, fabricate and engineer one vehicle for each category
  • Team’s prototype of last year was named Gallant while urban vehicle was named Rebolt 2.0


Fuel Efficiency:

  • The main aim is to introduce innovative mechanisms to reduce fuel efficiency
  • According to Pakistan’s Oil and Gas Ministry, the country will run out of fuel in 10 to 13 years
  • As we cannot possibly prevent the use of transportation in the future, we can introduce mechanisms in place which can increase efficiency and conserve oil and gas reserves for upcoming generations.


  • Pakistan consists of 18 million vehicles with each vehicle producing 4 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually
  • This amounts to 75 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per annum
  • Carbon dioxide is an extremely hazardous gas and significant proportions of it in the upper atmosphere can cause a depletion of the Ozone layer which in turn causes the phenomena of Global Warming
  • Pakistan itself suffers because of Climate Change every year with heat-waves and droughts prevailing in many parts of the country
  • Team PNEC NUST aims to encourage people to switch to battery electric vehicles which have 0 carbon emission rates
  • Consequently, the team has designed Pakistan’s first ever Electric car for the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia competition
  • The car consists of technology that can be incorporated in other vehicles to make travelling environmentally sustainable.
  • Similarly, they carry out Communication Campaigns to educate people about environmental awareness and eco-friendliness and encourage the habits of cycling, recycling, reusing and reducing.


2009: Runners Up in Spirit Award & 10th in Urban Concept

– 2012: Runners Up in Communication 10th in Urban

– 2014: Communication Award in Shell Eco Marathon, 6th place in urban concept & 11th place in prototype concept.

– 2015: Team Spirit Award & Technical Innovation Award

– 2016: 2nd place in Shell Dream Concept Car & 1st place in Telenor Internet of Things

– 2017: Communication Award Winner

– 2018: Runners Up in Technical innovation Award & 12th Place in Prototype Concept

Cars Category

  • Urban Concept Car (Rebolt 2.0): Conventional concept vehicle, designed and built to road worthy specifications suited to needs of today’s driver.
  • Prototype Concept Car (Gallant; meaning: brave): Futuristic, streamlined, track oriented vehicles where the primary consideration is to reduce drag to maximize efficiency.

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