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DICE Energy & Water 2018 event is a joint collaborative event of the DICE Foundation and NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi to foster innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship culture in the country on Energy, Water and its related themes. In this connection two days event called DICE Energy & Water arranged at NED University of Engineering & Technology premises on 10-11 October 2018. The event included Students Innovation Exhibition, Industrial Exhibition, Symposium and Tameer DICE Shark (pitching of innovative projects in front of Industrialists, CEOs and Venture Capitalists), and National Innovation Basket (NIB). There was a total prize money of Rs.250,000/- for innovative student projects in the competition. This was a timely effort especially under the present Energy and Water crisis situation prevailing in the country. It has also provided an opportunity to the academia and the industry to share innovative ideas and solutions to address the current energy scenario.

The major objectives of DICE Energy platform are: to grow indigenous energy industry in Pakistan by providing a common platform for Academia, Energy Industry, Government and Expatriates to promote and collaborate on innovations related to energy sector, commercialization of innovations, energy engineering capacity building leveraging knowledge of expatriates around the world, providing access to Pakistan energy industry to international markets leveraging extensive expatriate network and to help Government of Pakistan in energy policy making.

The event was inaugurated by the chief guest, Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh Provincial Minister of Energy for Sindh, Dr. Sarosh Hasmat Lodi Vice Chancellor, and Dr. Khurshid Qureshi Chairman & Founder of DICE Foundation USA. Highly esteemed guests from industries and academia also attended the event. Out of more than 120 projects submitted by various universities of Pakistan, 40 projects were put on display. 15 projects were selected by a panel of judges as the top most projects for Tameer DICE Shark.

Chief Guest of Event Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh briefed about different projects running under his ministry and also other projects planned by government of Sindh to solve the current Energy and Water crises. He highlighted the issue of shortage of water in Thar, interior Sindh and Karachi and emphasized on the importance of dealing this problem with utmost priority. He shared the vision of Sindh government that it is not against building dames. The dames on which there is a mutual consensus of all provinces should be made as early as possible. He invited NED University of Engineering & Technology to work together with the Sindh government to solve the Energy/water crises.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Tufail Pro-Vice Chancellor-NED University, delivered his welcome Speech. Dr. Sarosh Hasmat Lodi Vice Chancellor-NED University informed that NED University has continuously been focusing on the promotion of research and accordingly providing facilities to the faculty and students relating to energy research. He also highlighted that the University has played a vital role in promoting and working for the development of renewable energy sources and methods. He added that NED-DICE Energy Innovation Center provides a platform to the students studying in any university to carry out research work in this Center and also emphasized research work needed for Batteries, in future.

The two days of this national exhibition brought together renowned professors, scholars, industrial professionals and DICE representatives from all around the world who shared their research involving generation and distribution of energy, and how it could be applied to make Pakistan energy efficient with an increased economic growth. It was also agreed upon that further initiative must be taken to explore safe and renewable energy resources for future generations. It was further extended to ensure that undergraduate and post-graduate students should be provided platform, initiatives and funding to ensure a continuous research on industrial issues relating to energy.

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