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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 has changed manufacturing. At a high level, Industry 4.0 represents the vision of the interconnected factory where all equipment is online, and in some way is also intelligent and capable of making its own decisions. The explosion in connected devices and platforms, combined with the abundance of data from field devices and the rapidly changing technology landscape, has made it imperative for companies to quickly adapt their products and services and move from the physical world to a digital one.

Agenda Highlights

· IDENTIFY the key drivers of transformation in industry

· UNDERSTAND the Cost Benefit Analysis in business case for Digital Transformation

· LEARN the End to End Supply Chain principles

· IDENTIFY the tools and data required for the transformation in the manufacturing industry

· EXPLORE the Analytics and Internet of Things (IOT) in Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

· UNDERSTAND the delivery Methodologies and Tools involved the Digital Transformation Project

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PDF-DTMDXB (Dubai Session)

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Quick response, contact Dean, DID: +65 6825 9577 or +65 9098 3117 (WhatsApp only)

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