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Huddersfield University to waive tuition fee for PhD degree to SZABIST Graduates

Report by Absar Ahmed Khan

SZABIST has been constantly struggling to facilitate its students at all levels. In this regard the SZABIST recently established its contact with the Huddersfield University in United Kingdom. The Dean of the School of Computing and Engineering, Prof. Dr. Rupert Ward, visited the SZABIST Karachi campus on 28th November 2018. He was received by Prof. Dr. Imran Amin, Head of Department of Computer Science and Dr. Faraz Junejo, Head of Department of Mechatronics Engineering. ORIC Senior Manager University-Industry Linkages Mr. Shikoh Zaman was also a part of the talk.

In the meeting, Prof. Ward proposed to work in close collaboration with the SZABIST, and further went on to suggest that if the SZABIST graduates earn 70% in their graduation and post-graduation, the Department of Computing and Engineering of the Huddersfield University will waive the tuition fee for the PhD degree. This proposal was exciting for both the students and administration.

In an open session, Prof. Ward also interacted with the students of Computer Sciences and Mechatronics Engineering and made them familiar with the benefits of studying in multicultural country and university. He spoke in great lengths about the exposure the students get while being a part of university like Huddersfield having a diverse environment and a number of things to learn throughout their study period. Prof. Ward also met with the SZABIST Vice President (Academics) Prof. Dr. Altaf Mukati to discuss the similar agenda. Apparently, Prof. Ward is right as research studies have also suggested that while landing in an unfamiliar territory for students can be difficult for a while, it absolutely adds great experience to the individual learning. Students get to earn a broader experience of life by learning alongside students belonging to different corners of the world. The SZABIST is looking forward to have this cooperation with the Huddersfield University remain hand in glove and bring more international universities to Pakistan to explore the prospects of advance learning of its graduates.

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