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MoU Signing at PARC

PARC and Silvanus Forestry to introduce fast varieties of Black Locust and Willow

A signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding was held at PARC HQs,
Islamabad between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Islamabad and M/s
Silvanus Forestry, Pakistan Private Limited, Islamabad. A delegation from M/s Silvanus Forestry
headed by Dr. Istvan GRAFJODI, Commercial Counselor, Embassy of Hungry along-with
Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatti, Managing Director, M/s Silvanus Forestry visited PARC HQs for the

PARC signed a MOU with Silvanus Forestry, Pakistan Private Limited, Islamabad for
introduction, evaluation and testing of fast growing varieties of Black Locust (Robinia
pseduacacia) and Willow (Salix alba). The new varieties of these species will be tested by
PARC/NARC in various agro-ecological zones for adaptability, growth, diseases and insect/pest
resistance. Black Locust is nitrogen fixing legume tree used for wood fiber, poles, land
reclamation, forage and beekeeping while Willow wood is used for manufacturing of boxes and
cricket bats. It is hoped that the new tree varieties will make a significant contribution in the 10
billion tree plantation program of the present government to address the issues of climate change,
reversing environmental degradation through reforestation in the country.

Pakistan is the world’s seventh most vulnerable country to climate change despite being among the world’s least
polluting countries with a global emission contribution of 0.2 percent. Deforestation and
degradation of rangelands not only effecting the whole ecosystem services but also causing huge
economic losses in the forms of floods and droughts in the country. Therefore, as a nation we
should take every step for the conservation, protection and sustainable utilization of these natural
resources for a better and viable economy of Pakistan.

Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatti, Managing Director, M/s Silvanus Forestry, Pakistan Private
Limited, Islamabad appreciated PARC efforts in agriculture sector and also thanked Dr. Munir
Ahmed, Chairman PARC who has kindly consented to get MoU signed between M/s Silvanus
Forestry, Pakistan Private Limited, Islamabad and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
(PARC). He also appreciated the efforts of Dr. Munir Ahmed, Chairman, PARC for development
of agriculture sector in the Country and Chairman, PARC also share his views on the occasion
that the partnership of both parties will become fruitful to remove the poverty through up lifting
the agriculture of country and in future both parties become the precious partners.

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