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Science & Society – The more we delay, the more backward we become.

By Mariam Qaiser

Chemical Engineer, UET, Lahore

Scientists are basically moved by curiosity, by the keen desire to know how things happen in nature and life and also by the desire to apply this knowledge for the comfortable life of human beings.

Science and technology is growing at an amazing rate. We are submerged in a sea of inventions and discoveries of science. From telephones to internet, motor cars to rockets and satellites, calculators to computers, we are modifying the things to suit our needs. The fields like medicine and communication have changed our life styles and cultures. The quest for knowing the world, the way in which the surrounding of a man works, has led to many scientific researches and innovations.

Science has rendered many invaluable services to the human beings which cannot be denied by anyone. It is due to the inventions and discoveries of science that many diseases can be cured and the outbreaks of epidemics can be prevented, there by the life expectancy is vastly increasing. The supreme self-confidence of the mankind is also given by science. The man is now assured that he is not a slave of his environment but he can change and can modify it to according to his needs.

The heavy burdensome tasks are now easy for the man because of machines. The machines have also provided the man with ample leisure in which he can cultivate many hobbies and travel. He is engaged in cultural pursuits due to machines.

Science has also made the state enormously strong. The administration has the resources to detect the subversive forces and opposition which no older states ever had.

In this context Camera is an important product of scientific work. The people are aware that their every movement is being watched.

Before the rapid means of communication have been developed like telephone, railways and internet, people lived in small societies. Communication systems are now upgrading through technology. The necessary information or message can be conveyed to the world by the press of button. The internet has revolutionized the world.

Economically, the people are now organizing themselves on a big scale. Huge trade unions have organized the workers with a membership running into millions. The activities of the man are on such a vast level that national boundaries are considered narrow. People are coming closer in huge international organizations. Science and technology has centralized the economic and political activity.

Science changes over time, it is not static. In the first half of the twentieth century, when there was a great worldwide war, science perished in that direction, discovering the mysteries of nuclear energy. It reflects the shifts in larger communities in which it is embedded.

Islam and science explains the relation between Islamic communities and science. Islamic thoughts and religious beliefs are not in disaccord with the acquisition of scientific knowledge. According to Islamic point of view, science is the study of nature which is linked to the concept of “Tawhid” that is oneness of GOD. In Islam, nature is not a separate element, but it considers it as an integral part of Islam’s holistic look on GOD, humanism and the world. The science progressed under the Islamic civilization between the 8th and 16th centuries. Scientific methods have been greatly inspired by Muslim scientists as the empirical, experimental and quantitative approach is introduced by them is scientific inquiry.

The negative aspects of the technology should also be considered such as over dependence, exploitation of privacy and discrimination towards older generations.

The need of the development of the new computer software systems is generated because of the explosive impact of information technology on our everyday lives and also to incorporate the new technologies in the range of useful applications. The principles and the techniques of the engineering and mathematical analysis are used by the engineers to design, development, testing, and evaluate the systems to perform the required duty.

In order to improve the living of the mankind, scientists need to be responsive to the alternating requirements and concerns of the community and society, in turn, needs to support the positive role of science and technology. Our society would not be able to function without science.

Science has broadened the vision of man. Thanks to the science and technology that it has digitalized us. We should have to be conscious and should have to take initiatives that will work for the betterment of human beings. Time starts now! The more we delay, the more backward we become.

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