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Journey of 43 Years for Doing the Undoable

Interview of Haji Muhammad Shahzad Alam, CEO Shahzad Pumps

Interview by Engineering Cap

Haji Muhammad Shahzad Alam is CEO of Shahzad Pumps, the largest water pumps manufacturer in Pakistan. He is a self-made entrepreneur who not only achieved great success for himself but also contributed a lot to the wellbeing of engineering sector of Pakistan.  His company Shahzad Pumps is the first solar water pumps manufacturer in Pakistan and it has also won international energy efficiency competition.

Haji Muhammad Shahzad Alam started his journey 43 years ago with nothing but shear will and determination to not only do good but also do well for the society. His services for engineering sector are recognized in field of water pumps as well as he received recognition for his services in engineering sector from President of Pakistan and Prime minister of Pakistan.

Shahzad Pumps is the only company in its sector to partner with PCSIR for development of innovation parks. This effort will translate Pakistan into one of the engineering technological hubs of Asia. Haji Shahzad Alam is at the forefront in effort to accomplish this mission with his innovative ideas and technological support.

In last decade Haji Muhammad Shahzad Alam’s mission was to help nation in getting out of the energy crisis in Pakistan. Under his leadership Shazad Pumps developed the first fully DC Solar Pump in Pakistan. Shahzad Pumps became the first company in its category to receive Pakistan Standard and Brand of the year Award. For his efforts, dedication and contribution in developing a whole new engineering sector in Punjab, he has received achievement award from Government of Punjab.

Engineering Cap got a chance to have a meeting with Haji Muhammad Shahzad Alamd and got his opinion about the engineering sector of Pakistan. His views are reflected in following lines:

How did you achieve this huge success in this Engineering sector?

It has all been possible due to help of Allah and after that due to unshakeable believe in the capabilities of my team. We have always given focus to the engineering education and it is evident from the fact that all three of my sons are engineers. We believe that Research and development is the key to success in any engineering sector and we spend on R&D more than any other player in our category.

What are you goals for the next decade?

 Our goal in next decade to change Pakistan from being a water pumps importing country to an exporter of best in class water pumps. To achieve this target, we have started working on import substation already and our teams of engineers have already developed successfully submersible water in Pakistan.

How other companies can follow your path?

We think that key to success is focus on engineering education and Research and Development. If other companies want to follow our path they will have to appreciating the importance of engineering knowledge by getting the best engineers of Pakistan in their organizations.

What would be your message to young engineers who are aspired from you?

For someone to succeed in life, no matter the field, he/she must fully appreciate the importance of hard work and patience. I am a believer of doing the undoable and it is possible only by hard work, persistence and trust in one’s own capabilities.

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