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Profile of Shah Abdul Latif University published in April 2019 Issue of Engineering Cap.

The Jewel of Sindh

Shah Abdul Latif University

Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur provides a unique opportunity to the students to study in the fields of Natural Sciences, Physical Science, Social Sciences, Arts and Management Sciences. It is the only University in Upper Sindh which is catering for the academic needs in various disciplines.

Shah Abdul Latif University is one of the young and fast growing universities of Pakistan. It is staffed by more than 200 well-qualified faculty members working in 26 departments. Most of the faculty members are young and foreign qualified. Teaching in SALU is very innovative. It is backed up by the state-of-the-art audio visual teaching tools to prepare students as per market demand and groom them to meet the challenges of competitive market of the day. As a result, most of the graduates of SALU have secured professional and other jobs in public and private sector.


Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur is located in the heartland of Upper Sindh i.e. Khairpur, a former state that joined Pakistan in 1955. The main Campus is located near National Highway and is easily reachable by air, railway and bus services. Sukkur airport is on half an hour drive and Khairpur Railway station is (05) kilometers away from the main Campus.

The beauty of the University lies in the fact that it is surrounded by famous archaeological sites: Mohenjo Daro, Kot Diji Rohri Hills, Nara Desert, religious shrines of Sadhu Bella, Shrine of Sachal Sarmast, barrage and bridges (Lloyds Barrage and Lansdowne and Ayoub Bridges) and culturally rich land where people are very friendly and hospitable.

The present campus of the University covers an area of 340 acres land with lush green lawns, play grounds, and trees. It is located just three kilometers from Khairpur town. The landscape of the University includes three canals at a walking distance, which serve as an excellent picnic spots for the students and the faculty. The University has over 8000 students in various programs. About 70 percent of students are male and 30 percent female. There are eight students’/researchers’ hostels (including three for girls) The University also provides an abundant transport facility that fetches male and female students and majority of them commute daily from their homes.

Scholarships & Financial Support

  • Quaid-i-Azam Scholarship:- Every year the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Pakistan through the Higher Education Commission, awards one Quaid-i-Azam Scholarship for higher studies abroad. Students securing first and second positions in the University Examinations are eligible to compete for the Scholarship.
  • Merit Scholarship: – The merit scholarships are awarded every year for higher studies abroad by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Pakistan through the Higher Education Commission. Students securing first and second positions in the Faculties of Arts and Science in the Master’s Program are entitled to compete for it.
  • Zila Council Scholarship: – The Zila Councils in province of Sindh offer a number of scholarships to the deserving University students on the basis of merit.
  • Mora Scholarship:- The Mora scholarships are awarded by the Chairman Zakkat Committee of every District to the deserving students.
  • Scholarship (LU Biscuits):- The Scholarships from LU Biscuits are awarded by  Nawabzada Hassan Ali Khan to the deserving students.
  • JICA: – The JICA Scholarships are awarded by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad to the deserving students.
  • Bhittai Scholarship: – The Bhittai Scholarships are awarded by Ms Sharood Hassan Ali Khan to the deserving students.
  • Freeships & Bursaries:- Full and half freeship in tuition fees and bursaries are granted each year to the deserving students as per following ratio:

Freeship10% of the enrolled students and bursaries 2.5% of the enrolled students.

Aims and Objectives

  • In this dynamic age of science & technology and competitive business environment, University provides opportunity  for acquiring quality education and develops among the learners competitive  edge, gaining new knowledge and insights into the fundamentals of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and other disciplines to understand the world and universe in true colors.
  • Providing peaceful and congenial educational atmosphere without any break or disturbance in the morning and evening hours for imparting quality education.
  • In the University the teaching process will be to maintain the standard of excellence through the services of intellectuals, scientists, professionals, academicians and researchers.
  • Arrangements of local and foreign qualified faculty members for quality education, creating opportunity of foreign scholarships, training and development facilities for teachers for strengthening their teaching and research skills.
  • Development and innovation of scientific labs, computer labs, and installation of latest equipment in the laboratories for practice of the students and researchers.
  • Taking endeavors for the development of quality infrastructure for the students, faculty and supporting staff by providing classrooms furniture, lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, sports complexes, playgrounds, hostels, transport and accommodation, etc.
  • Establishment of information system for quick academic & administrative information to students, faculty, administration & the public.
  • To provide higher education, by establishing important academic department on the Campus to impart education in various fields of Science, Arts & Commerce.
  • To devise design and develop new technologies suited to different and varied needs of the community and the nation.
  • To strengthen educational consultancy and advisory service of Shah Abdul Latif University in order to improve the socio-economic conditions in the region.

The Faculties and their Programs

The University comprises the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Physical Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts & Languages
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law

The University teaching departments, institutes and centers offer 4-year Programs leading to the award of (4 years Bachelor degree) and (2 years for pass) Master’s degree. Research degrees of M.Phil and Ph.D.in various disciplines are also offered.

The (2 years) Bachelor’s (Pass) degree programs are conducted through various affiliated degree colleges within the jurisdiction of the University. Post-Graduate degree (Master’s) classes in specific disciplines are also conducted in specified degree colleges.

Research Institutes/Chairs                                                .

To encourage research, the University has established:

Directorate of Post Graduate Studies

The Directorate of Research

Archaeology & Anthropology Museum

Directorate of Academic and Higher Education Linkage Programs

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC)

Date Palm Research Institute  (DPRI)

Benazir Bhutto Chair

Sachal Chair

Shaikh Ayaz Chair

Dr. Tanveer Abbasi Corner

Rozey Dhani Chair

Diagnostic and Research Center

Bhittai Chair


Academic Support Services at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur

Educational Counseling & Guidance Center

The students take educational course without realizing their potential, abilities and skills. The students will be provided guidance, counseling on the basis of scientific investigation to choose programs of studies suited to their genius. The students take course without realizing what vocation/occupation is best suited to them. Thus, there is a mismatch between what they choose and what they are best equipped for. This Center will help to minimize the mismatch and rush for disciplines that do not hold much promise for students’ future.

Library Facilities

The Central Library of Shah Abdul Latif University is a source of information for all graduate, as well as, post-graduate programs and also related material for research students. The Library contains 94088 books. (Book Bank and Government Publications).

The Central Library consists of following sections:

  1. Circulation Section
  2. Acquisition Section
  3. Serials Section
  4. Book Bank Section
  5. Reference Section
  6. Binding Section
  7. Processing Section (comprising of classification, cataloging & labeling of books).

Gift of Books

In addition to books/journals purchased by the University, the Library also receive gifts of books/journals from central/provincial governments, State Bank of Pakistan, universities, research institutions, as well as, from international organizations, such as The Asia Foundation. During the years 2008-2009, 2250 books were received from The Asia Foundation and other donor agencies. In 2013, the Shikarpur Campus received a donation of more than one Thousand books from The Asia Foundation.

Internet Facility

Likewise the libraries of developed countries, internet facility has also been provided to the students, faculty and research fellows of the University for collection of information/material according to their need.


At present twenty daily newspapers in English, Urdu and Sindhi are subscribed for reference of students, teachers and research fellows of the University.

Library Timings

The Vice Chancellor has been pleased to open the Central Library for 12 hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm in order to provide more facility to the faculty / students of the University

Seminar Library

In addition to the Central Library every individual department has a Seminar Library with a sufficient number of books to suffice the needs of the teachers and the taught.

Co-curricular Activities

The Students’ Advisory Committee regularly arrange seminars, quiz programs, debates, cultural shows and such other activities at the Campus. The students are facilitated to organize farewell and welcome parties in consultation with their Deans and Chairpersons of the respective departments. Magazines and souvenirs are regularly published by student societies, which are partially financed by the University. Intensive study tours and one-day study trips are also organized for the students by the University every year. The office of the Student Advisor is there to guide the students in all their academic and co-curricular activities.

Sport Facilities

Adequate facilities are available at the University for various games such as Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Shooting Ball, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Athletics, Kabbadi & Malh. Sports activities are organized under the auspices of the University Gymkhana Committee. Every year the students participate in various games organized by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, such as Inter-Varsity tournaments arranged at various universities of Pakistan. Annual Sports week is also organized by the office of the Directorate of Physical Education, in consultation with Gymkhana Committee of the University.

Medical Facilities

Consultation and advisory health services are available for the students. A reasonably equipped dispensary and Pathological Laboratory are looked-after by two doctors and qualified staff at the Campus. The complicated cases are referred to specialists in the District Hospitals. The ambulance service is also available.

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