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Revoking article 370 is Modis move to save politics, Nazish Altaf

Revoking article 370, which constituted the main points of Modis manifesto for both his terms, is another move to save politics at home and to show the world that he owns Kashmir. Relying solely on international bodies will not bring any good, after-all why would other countries put their own interests with the largest democracy at stake? Ongoing issue of Palestine and the silence of world over it is just the example how world would remain silent over Kashmir issue to save their own business with India. Pakistan has to fight on its own, Pakistan has to stand with Kashmir no matter what. India won’t come on table because Modi has to save his political interests first and war constitutes a greater humanitarian crisis than the Indian atrocities in Kashmir which ultimately brings Pakistan back to the option of talks. Only scenario for now is a deadlock and continued oppression of India in the valley, well Pakistan can diplomatically urge India to stop killings of innocent Kashmiris because in no way India is going to bring back Article 35A. The struggle of Kashmiris is real and it seems to not end anytime soon.

India’s ruling party #BJP has introduced a measure in parliament to revoke the special constitutional status of occupied #Kashmir. If the special status is repealed, people from the rest of India would have the right to acquire property in occupied Kashmir and settle there permanently. Kashmiris fear this would lead to a demographic transformation of region from majority Muslim to majority Hindu