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The Third World

The Third World
Engr G R Bhatti

What is Third World?

Third world as its exists today, is typified by extreme power or abuse of power on one end and poverty and helplessness at other. To understand let us take example of a village in less affluent areas of the country where the word of landlords are very feudalistic in their mind make up, and, dominates the share croppers or farm workers fully.

A landlord will never like to see prospering of any poor, seeking education or facing up to challenges in his area (in particular his regime). The landlord will always keep his workers in pitiful condition and provide them charity to gain sympathy, loan and eatables to behave like a beggar, forcing them to go to the feudal lords for meeting any and all of their needs. Also, he will keep some naughty and mischievous person(s) under his patronage as hoodlum(s) to control others and make them slaves.

Same sort of thing happens on the world stage. The economically powerful countries behave in the same manner towards the developing world. The rich and technologically strong countries play a role which is very much akin to the feudal lords one comes across in the rural, under privileged ares.

This is the example of First World. The countries dominating the world stage, act like rouges who have made the underdeveloped countries their slaves by offering grants or loans and robbed them of all muscle, thus emasculating them. They look for puppets in the developing world who would do their bidding. The examples are far too many to list. And if the leaderships of the developing countries do not kowtow to them they are devastated using the power at the disposal of these countries.

The so called big world powers compete among themselves as if playing on a Chess board, where the pawns or chess pieces are smaller countries. They rob them of their resources at will. Countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria are in ruin today and this ruin can be attributed to the rapacious
The views and thoughts of Donald Trump regarding Muslim World are clear and has banned the entry of any person from seven countries and see the conscience of Muslim leaders, no body dared to voice against this vindictive decision instead the American population has shown solidarity with Muslim community.

This can be only faced with a strong and positive leadership which has the ability to stand up to them. Hence, a leader is needed who may have vision like Alama Iqbal, determination like Qaid Azam, sincerity like Mahatir Muhammad, in-depth knowledge like Dr Qadir Khan, simplicity like Ahmadi Najad and honesty like first Khalifa Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) to lead us and stand against so called big powers and convey the sentiments of the general public of Islamic Countries. Such leadership would be a hybrid make up of all such great personalities Muslim Umah has immense resources and talent. Pakistan is a Nuclear Power whereas Iran has capabilities to become Nuclear Power and so many other countries have different resources. But need the sincere leadership having will power to lead the nation and umah.

Pakistan is rich in natural resources like minerals ie Gold, Copper, Coal, Gas, Oil etc. Our River system is the biggest in the world for agriculture. We have full four seasons for all types of crops required for our needs and even for export. Our Human Resource talent is tested all over the world. Still we are looking towards donor agencies because of first para of this article.

The present example of potential in Pakistan is the interest of all developed countries in China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) started by our friend China. This is the practical concept of Dr Alama Iqbals verses,” Zara nam ho tou yeh mati bari zarkhez hai”.

The technical experts from Muslim countries are working all over the world including NASA. By infusing sprit of nationalism, patriotism and sincerity in our leaders and consequently in the experts we can bring them back for serving in their respective countries thereby paralyzing the economies of so called developed countries. But who will “Bell the Cat”.

Muslim scientists are the pioneers in Medicine, Science and Technology but unfortunately, we have been divided in blocks due to meanness of so called big countries and now we are far behind in these fields. Since Muslim countries have ample resources and talent, as such in my opinion still we have hope and it is high time, if Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh and all other small Muslim countries join hands, can regain our lost status and even can lead the world. The only condition is to unite under one umbrella ie ISLAM as stated in Holy Quran. I have heard an astronomer saying on TV that it is very likely that Muslim Countries may form a union in the year 2017. May GOD sense prevails so as to think positive for the prosperity and wellbeing of the Umah.


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