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Interviewing My Favorite Teacher Teacher’s Day Special

Interviewing My Favorite Teacher.Teacher’s Day Special
Sarmad Shahbaz

I would like to start my article by wishing a Happy Day to all the teachers of the world. This year October 5, has been designated as the Teachers Day. This is to honor all the teachers of the world.

Informally the role of the teacher may be taken on by anyone. A teacher (also known as an Educator) is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. If you are writing, listening, understanding or even if you figure out the whole thing around yourself, thank each and every teacher who taught you from your primary level to expert standing. Teaching is a profession which creates all the profession in the world. In courtesy of the teacher’s day, I visited my respected teacher for paying a salute to him for his services. My teacher Dr. Saqib Zia, a noble person and a polite but smart instructor with heaps of experience in the following field, is a Ph. D in Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD) with Thesis work in Numerical Investigation of Incompressible and Compressible Two-Phase Flow Models. Mr. Saqib Zia completed his bachelors M.Sc. in 2004 from Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad. He also published tons of research papers in his work of Mathematics. He is one of the most gracious and candid people in the circle of the institute.

Dr. Saqib Zia

As I visited him and tried to get the most out of him, I asked him some questions regarding his interests. With no late and no unwillingness, he welcomed me in a professional manner and we started the interview.
As I asked the first question, why you decided to become a teacher, Sir? He replied with a big smile on his face that he joined the teaching profession out of love for learning and to make a difference in people’s life. This had been his guiding principle.

He continued by saying that becoming a teacher isn’t a very popular choice for people in the society but teaching is one of the most honest and honorable ways to make influence the lives of others.

On the question as to how he would discipline someone in the class who is habitually late, he stated
I asked him how you would deal with a student who is habitually late. He replied that he would reach out to the student and counsel him, as it is not his desire to disturb or depress the student.


The next question was the best part of the job? He replied with a laugh, “Every year there are tons of new experiences for me but being a teacher the best part of my job is to mold the future of each student in every single lesson.”

As the time was running quickly and there were two more questions to be asked. I tried to quickly cover up the whole thing and asked about the co-curricular activities you recommend the students? With a sip of tea, he responded “Sports including cricket and football is one of most attractive and healthy mind activities for most of the students. Besides this, he said science clubs, debates, and art clubs should be joined by the upcoming generation to survive in the dynamic world. These activities not only complement the student’s learning but also help them in developing social skills and improve the self-esteem of a student.”

The last and the most important question I asked as I placed the cup of tea on the table, how can you motivate students in becoming a teacher. He looked at me with a smile while taking off his eye-glasses and replied, “Our society is lacking good educators. In the past, the people are only focused on getting good grades and after a while these people became teachers. Still, we are just focusing on the same thing. We need teachers who not only teach but also develop their student’s moral values and character. I would say that upcoming generation need teachers from the present time. They will not only teach the student with their fullest efforts but also help them in becoming a treasure for the country.”

I thanked my teacher Dr. Saqib Zia for his precious time. While going back home, I realized that the whole world would be a different place if there was no teacher around. No counselor, no guide, no guru. We would never have the directions for positivity. We should thank our teachers whether there are still teaching us or not for all the pure efforts they made for us. We will never be the same without you. As there is always a beautiful quote at the end. a“A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.”

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