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Written By :Sarmad Shahbaz


A fortnight ago, a friend of mine visited a foreign country with some official delegations. As it is really observed in Pakistan that visiting an overseas country is something every Pakistani want’s to earn. It’s like a reward, we all want to achieve. Mostly traveler love to visit new places. So I was telling about my friend, he enjoyed the trip and was really happy when he returned to native land. I met him a week ago, seeing his shinny eyes and that smile on the face make me wonder like he’s seen heaven on earth. We sat on the terrace with a cup of tea having sweet aroma and a sunset view, that reminded my heart a peacefulness everyone reckon about. Started discussion with the dude, he told me that People in the country were really calm and cool, friendly in manner and care taker of the tourist. The places were never seen before (How can you? you visited the country for the first time.) I said in my mind.

Elaborating the story, I asked him why he won’t just migrate to that country. The answer he came up with made a smile on my face and started to think about what’s our fault? He said,

“I visited the foreign one but something is in Pakistan that I can never feel even if I am at the top of the World. I have many dues left for my country.

Considering the answer, I started to think all over again what were the basic necessity this country provided me when I was a little kid. And I resulted in, my PAST. Yes, actually not only mine, but for every person whether he’s living an ideal life or suffering from hardship of livelihood. The Past is always beautiful even if it’s worse than ever. Wondered why? Because all the experiences came from past. You are living your life up to mark is due the past. Past teaches you a lot either you are in your best or in your worst.


Pakistan is my country, my beloved state where I live. People mostly hate the country and just in greed of money, leave the country to work in foreign places. When talking about people it is majority. This is something to be worried about, it’s not that people leaving the country don’t love Pakistan but it’s due to the illness of corruption, unemployment killing the talent in the state. We have to recover it as soon as possible by hook or by crook.


Beside all the negative thing happening in my country, there’s something to cherish about. Yes, as I always say, TWO SIDES OF THE PICTURE. ”The other side is this country meant a lot to the world, to Asia, to South Asia, to People living in it.

I researched a lot and came up with some unbelievable facts about Pakistan, most people don’t know about.
Here we go with the top 10 facts,

  1. The city near the border of Indo-Pak named Sialkot produces approx. 60 million footballs per year which covers 60 to 70% of total production of football worldwide.
  2. Pakistan contain 4 out of 14 world’s top mountains. World’s second highest mountains lies within the premises of Pakistan named as Mount Godwin Austen or popularly known as K-2
  • Pak-China friendship is something to relish about. The highest paved highway is based in Pakistan known as Karakoram Highway.
  1. World’s leading and largest ambulance network is working in Pakistan, settled by one of the best Humanitarian Abdul Sitar Eidhi.
  2. No matter what, the world’s Number#01 national anthem is awarded to Pakistan’s Anthem both in Tone and Anthem.
  3. Talking about Muslim World in power, Pakistan has achieved a landmark by becoming First Muslim Country with Nuclear Power.
  • Mentioning globally, Pakistan has two Nobel Prize Winner,
    Prof. Abdus Salam – in field of Physics. (1979)

Malala Yousafzai – in field of Peace. (2014)

  • Pakistan is filled with a lot of natural resources, Khewra Salt Mine is one of the largest and oldest salt mine in the world, containing a Mosque built with salt.
  1. When talking about nostalgia, Pakistan has two of the oldest civilization known in the world, Indus Valley Civilization naming Harrapa and Mohenj o Daro (5000 BC) and Mehrgarh (6000 BC).
  2. Species found in Pakistan are getting extinct in the world, Pakistan is having one of the rarest species ever found in one of the longest river (INDUS RIVER), and the animal is Blind Dolphin.


Well, these are few of the interesting facts about Pakistan which made my eyes popping out. It doesn’t matter what are the consequences or what is the status quo, always stand beside your homeland. This is what, you will memorize when you will be on the death-bed.

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