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Optimize Your Pump Systems to Minimize Life-Cycle Cost Workshop in Dubai

Optimize Your Pump Systems to Minimize Life-Cycle Cost.

Advanced Pump Operation,

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

28 – 30 January 2018 in Dubai, UAE

Contact Details Kay  Tel (65) 6208 3914

Reasons to Attend;

Ø  Revising the fundamentals of pumps to avoid costly mistakes from the start

Ø  Learn the latest best practices in pump operation and maintenance that is usually not covered in OEM training

Ø  Understanding the critical factors to consider when making pump selections

Ø  Optimizing overhaul of pumps to save energy

Ø  Dealing with performance curves and operation checklist

Ø  Work with a concise reference detailing the design, performance and principle of operation of different pump types and classes

Ø  Understand failure modes-power, temperature, corrosion, leakage, pressure, vibration and etc.

Ø  Analyze pump cost with the aim to maintain its cost effectiveness

Ø  Familiarize with various modern monitoring pump performance and health parameters

Ø  Decide on specific energy efficient and environment friendly construction features for pump application

Why Cannot Miss This Workshop

This course covers construction details, materials of construction, energy optimization, quality assurance and maintenance of centrifungal pumps. After completing this course, a pump user will be able to decide the most appropriate type of pump for specific application, finalize duty parameters, estimate hydraulic performance of the pump and decide on the most appropriate materials specifications and construction features. Participants also will understand critical pump parameters that need to review when evaluating offer received from pump makers.

Early Bird Pricing still Available – Do email me with brochure subject “Pump” to obtain more details on this training. jaykay@management-program.com

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