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Technically Skilled Labor a Must to Compete in CPEC Projects-Sheikh Amir

Technically Skilled Labor a Must to Compete in CPEC Projects
Focusing technology transfer can revolutionize economy
Sheikh Amir – Newly Elected President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce

Sheikh Amir Waheed has been elected unopposed as President in 2017-18 elections of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI). “It was the trust and love of people from commerce and industry who elected me unopposed and now it’s time to reciprocate this love by getting solutions to their issues”, he told to Engr Asghar Hayat, Executive Editor Monthly Engineering Cap during an interview.
As for the nature of the problems of business and industrial community, Sheikh Amir expressed that most of the issues faced are concerned with Capital Development Authority. “There are also problems of taxation, social security, employee old age benefits, labor, clean drinking water etc. We will go for all odds to get amicable resolutions to such problems.”
“ICCI serves as a bridge to connect the government with businessmen and industrialists. We put the hardships of business community on the governments’ table and put our efforts to improve business environment.” Sheikh Amir expressed his desire of holding a dialogue between government and the business community in near future.
Sheikh Amir was of the view that the labor available in the market is not skilled. “Market requirements have changed in the wake of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and In order to compete with Chinese companies in development projects, a technically skilled labor force is a must.” He vowed that in his tenure as President of ICCI, small and medium enterprises shall be promoted and their number shall be increased. He believed that this will enhance our exports and will provide job opportunities to unemployed youth.
“CPEC is a game changer and is only a small part of One Belt One Road project. This project will connect 65 countries of the world and will facilitate bilateral trade. This would revive the old Silk Road and business activities are expected to boost several hundred times. Local people would find business opportunities, backward cities would get developed, and more industrialization and energy production projects are also expected.”
Sheikh Amir expressed that technology and economy have strong relationship with each other. “Dream of prosperous Pakistan cannot come true without using modern technology. Our government need to go for technology transfer agreements with developed countries. We have a good number of talented engineers in the country who are waiting for opportunities and technology transfer can ensure the utilization of potential of our engineers. New industry coming from China need to be licensed with technology transfer conditions and a local partner must be required for foreign industrial investment.”

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