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Part of Global System – Away from Local

Part of Global System – Away from Local
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Engineering Cap meets Professor Dr. Habib ur Rehman, the Vice Chancellor of MUST . Interviewn by Engr. Asghar Hyat
Professor Dr. Habib ur Rehman, is the Vice Chancellor of MUST (Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Mirpur, AJK.). He had quite a humble beginnings. Starting from a young kid who used to sit on a mat while studying and grazing cattle in his free time, he indeed has come quite a long way. He is a definite inspiring and positive personality with a story to tell how he overcome his humble background to be at the helm of a major university in his geographical area. He believes that education is the only way to open minds and help people grow. And also, that positive use of technology can go a long way in helping people grow. Engineering Cap met him recently which again, was an inspiringly positive experience.
He was born in Bhattian Chabbian, a backward area near Kharian, Potohar. After his matriculation he moved to Karachi, where he got admitted to Government College Korangi, Karachi. He found some positive and inspiring teachers on whom was Mr. Adil Akhtar who was his chemistry teacher. Dr. Habib ur Rehman considers that to be the turning point in his life, and he too acquired the passion for teaching, which later on helped him to become what he is today.
“When I reached Karachi, I felt myself as a part of bigger system and started to feel superior, it was a journey from a backward village to a global system but today we are part of global system but are cut from our own local system, “ the Prof. Dr. Habib ur Rehman, Vice Chancellor, Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST) told Engineering Cap.
While sharing his school age memories, he was of the view that teacher used to be the most respectable individual in the village. “Teachers were dedicated and not commercial. Kids also used to serve and give due respect to their teachers. Educational institutions had minimal external interference.”
“Teaching is a noble profession and is a blessing. Teachers educate people and build them which is the path of prophets. Youth of today does not take the teaching profession in such a way and puts it as a last option on the list of professional career,” he continued.
Talking about system of education, Dr. Habib stated that our system of education lacks learning. He believe that the Education is the only way towards development and example of west is evident in this regard. “Real wealth of any nation is not under its land, neither the mineral resources, nor agricultural output but the quality of education the masses are blessed with,” he added.
“Investment on human resource development is the best of all. We need to improve our educational system and institutions. We need to create an attractive working environment in educational institutions where both teachers and students love to spend time.”
He further said that the “Western countries have the learning based educational trend while we have the examination oriented trend. Our teachers, today, lacks clear understanding of concepts which is a serious concern.”
Vice Chancellor of MUST said, that most of our teachers today want to spend their time in newspaper reading, taking tea, political discussions, activities which are really not productive. They have no interest in classroom. He shared that he too used to read newspaper and enjoy tea but also took keen interest in research and lecture preparation. “Technology and internet has created many comforts. Lectures are now available on the internet, but even then there is a dearth of motivation towards learning. With hard work and struggle, every individual can achieve his desires but the problem is for those who want to achieve but don’t want to do much for it.”
Dr. Habib emphasized on efforts to promote entrepreneurship among youth. We have 60 million youngsters who are full of energy and only need direction to move ahead. But our youth does not enjoy equal opportunities and due to which they are frustrated and desperate.
Soon after holding the charge of Vice Chancellor, Dr. Habib organized a Kashmir Conference and invited leaders from both sides of the Line of Control. He requested the leaders to focus on education instead of political issues which was agreed. According to Dr. Habib, Kashmir need a good education system so that the youth can serve as an ambassador of Kashmir issue throughout the world. Educational institutions in Indian occupied areas of Kashmir remain closed for consecutive months on account of curfew. What would be the result if the world is running and youth in Kashmir is stuck for two month? Our youth is getting out of development and economic race. This is another side of the picture in addition to the atrocities faced by people of Indian occupied Kashmir.
Dr. Habib vowed to make a social media force of active youth in Azad Kashmir which will be expanded to other universities of Pakistan. The purpose would be to create awareness about the atrocities faced by Kashmiri youth and their educational losses.
Dr. Habib ur Rehman greatly appreciated Engineering Cap, magazines’ philosophy and contents when he was presented a copy and he called it a landmark for the engineering profession. Engineering Cap thanks him for providing us the opportunity to meet him and enjoy his company.

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