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Age of Earth is long time, about 5 Billion years ago according to many theories, one of what I think, is relevant a star came nearer to the sun and raised the tides of hot boiling lava on the surface of Sun. When it started to move away, these tides got separated from the surface of the sun and due to inter-gravitational force present in the Space and Magnetic field of the sun let these pieces of lava to revolve around the sun. In the modern days, these big-small alternating pieces of lava are called Planet. People from the beginning wonder about other creature species present on the other planets. In this gigantic universe and multiverse, yes there is a lot of probability of finding our alien friends. Yet N.A.S.A is still working on confirming these guys. Well leave it, come on the topic guys, we were talking about the planets right. There are million and billions of planet present in this BLACKED area. Thousand millions of stars are revolving. In these numerical values, there is a single planet named Earth having daunting creature ever known.

5 Billion Isn’t a small retro of time, it’s huge really huge that makes me wonder what was the beginning beside religious theories. When a baby is born, an oldie guy dies. Creation and ending of life is natural and contrasting. Similar thing goes for earth, meaning the birth of the Poor Earth and the death of this Terra Firma. There are a lot of theories belonging to Religions and Science. But over here we will talk about the natural one, the scientific reasoning one. Seconding it, I think the scientific concepts are the expansion of Religious Discernments.

Many Big guns like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci e.t.c were convinced by explosion of our very own star THE SUN or the earth is going to hit by a huge asteroid wandering in the space.

Let’s take a look on the 6th mass extinction possibilities regrettably the earth is going to suffer soon.

Scientist in the past years had surveyed about 27 thousand animals and about 170 mammals. The result they found were shocking. They resulted this population of the animals has shrunk disastrously and the area of land on which these poor souls meander is becoming shorter and shorter. The mammals had lost about 30% of their geographical lands and more than 40% population from 80% has been declined since past years. These species loss graph is increasing to 1000 per years in past 1 to 5 years.

Since 1500, about 322 animals have gone extinct. 67% animals right now are showing about 45% on average, decline.

Moreover, seconding these theories, the scientist belonging to Stanford University warns the people of earth about the major health issues are going to hit in near time. Many factors like climate change, pollution, natural disasters and deforestation are contributing to these curses. Scientist also revealed that about 40% of total land on earth has been farmed to feed humans. Chemicals are killing the ocean-life in the name of researches. Sadly, Humans are targeted in creating this situation of earth.

In the past 440 million years, there have been 5 major Mass Extinction on the face of earth.

If there’s no asteroid going destroy the earth, then surely this mass extinction is going to damage a lot.


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