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Success Story Entrepreneur under 30 – Engr. Rizwan Chaudhry

Success Story

Entrepreneur under 30

Engr. Rizwan Chaudhry

Engineering Cap is proud to introduce the inspirational personalities with readers with the objective to boost motivation among young entrepreneurs. Engineering Cap is going to introduce a new face of Kashmir who is an inspiring role model for budding entreprenures.


Engr. Rizwan Chaudhry
Age 29+
Education Electrical Engineering from Mirpur University of Science & Technology
• Member, Central Executive Committee, Chamber of Commerce AJK
• President, Young Engineers Association, Mirpur AJK
• CEO, 7-Star & Co. Construction Company, A No-Limit and the biggest construction company of Mirpur which is an achievement for a young person at the age of just 29. We are sure to hear more about him as time goes by.
• CEO, 7-Star Petroleum and LPG Company
• Director, 7-Star Land Crush Stone
• Director, 7-Star Asphalt Plant

Turning Point

Searched job for four months after graduation, got an adhoc job as SDO in electricity department for a couple of months. Elder brother was doing construction business at very small scale. After exploring the job situation in the market, Engr. Rizwan jumped into construction business and decided to get it registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and started taking government projects.

Professional Highlights

Started business in 2009, gave a new direction to the construction business in Mirpur. Within seven years, he is now a CEO of a company enlisted in No-Limit category of PEC. Besides, he is CEO of other companies of 7-Star group. He is leading young engineers of Mirpur as President, Young Engineers Association. Engr. Rizwan is emerging leader and entrepreneur of Kashmir.

Family Background

Father was a school headmaster in Bhimber, Mirpur. Engr. Rizwan has seven brothers and the name 7-Star is named in lieu of seven brothers. Four brothers are engineers and three are finance and management professionals. All are working for 7-Star group.

Secrets of Success

Engr Rizwan Chaudhry believes in the following:
The one who starts from zero, reaches at the top.
Always give due appreciation to workers as motivated worker performs better if he feels the company as his own.

Message for Young Entrepreneurs

Never lose heart, every day brings new opportunities and you only need to exploit such opportunities for your advantage. Unemployed engineering graduates should work hard as a hard worker can easily get a job and can run a successful business. Focus on your target and forget about the difficulties. Learn new skills every day and bring changes in your strategy in light of market trends.

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