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CPEC The Rise of an Unwavering Pakistan

CPEC The Rise of an Unwavering Pakistan.

By Sarmad Shahbaz

Economic corridors are integrated networks of infrastructure within a geographical area designed to stimulate economic development. Corridors may be developed within a country or between countries. Corridors exist in Asia, Africa, and other areas. So the question arises here what is CPEC?

CPEC is China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a coalition between China and Pakistan for the enhancement of Infrastructure and to boost up the economic development in Pakistan and China. Established in 2013, this project was originally of $46 Billion. Now at the time, the project worth about $62 billion. CPEC is actually a group of different projects which are going to be initialized and in no time, completed with tons of man power and lots of heavy machinery. Mainly it focuses on the construction of roads, laying railway lines and pipelines to carry oil and gas. The project also aims at joining two cities from Xinjiang (China) and Gwadar (Pakistan) through a gigantic outline of highways and railways.

Most of the people still ask about the importance of the project even though there are lots of other ways to look for the tough economical bonfire in the region. The answer is after the completion of the whole project named CPEC, it is going to add 7 lakh direct jobs. Moreover, the project is acknowledged with 2.32 million jobs in Pakistan by the end of 2018. These statistics mean Pakistan’s GDP can only go one way from here, up. All while unemployment rates fall. Furthermore, the Pakistani government and military leadership have constantly stated that CPEC will end the energy crisis currently plaguing Pakistan. Projects like the two 660-megawatt coal-fired power plants in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province show the potential to meet these ambitions. However, these power plants, as well as most other projects of CPEC are still far from completion.

Regardless, these statistics and predictions have led to many people believing that CPEC can and will ensure political and economic success for Pakistan in the coming decade. After all, such statistics show that CPEC can truly ensure the stronghold of Pakistan as an economically and politically strong country.

Most of the people in both countries are convinced with the fact that CPEC is going to be the game-changer, not only in the Asia but also in the whole world. With two nuclear power, teaming up for a chief purpose then there is no harm in saying that the project is going to be a heavenly project in the near future.

Thinking about the conclusion of CPEC, there are many neighboring countries which can be a steady hurdle in the way. Besides this, as there are always two sides to a picture. The bottom-line says that there is little that the countries like India can do about the corridor. But to look at the cheerful side, a more cautiously stable Pakistan may be quite decent for India, as both republics can put their efforts in minimizing the tensions across the borders and try to reach out for the only goal of peace and prosperity.



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