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Interviewing My Favorite Teacher Teacher’s Day Special

Interviewing My Favorite Teacher.Teacher’s Day Special Sarmad Shahbaz I would like to start my article by wishing a Happy Day to all the teachers of the world. This year October 5, has been designated as the Teachers Day. This is to honor all the teachers of the world. Informally the …

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By: Khaled Qayum A couple of Japanese engineers, on the way home from the office one day, stopped at the nearby watering hole. After downing a few local concoctions and talking over a few problems that life had thrown their way by way of work they started to say, well …

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Age of Earth is long time, about 5 Billion years ago according to many theories, one of what I think, is relevant a star came nearer to the sun and raised the tides of hot boiling lava on the surface of Sun. When it started to move away, these tides …

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Best Apps not on Google play:

Google Playstore may be one the largest market of online applications and games. Google Playstore working in all the android devices around the world gives you millions of application varieties but surely! There are some application which you cannot find on the Google Playstore. These application serve their best for …

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Written By :Sarmad Shahbaz   A fortnight ago, a friend of mine visited a foreign country with some official delegations. As it is really observed in Pakistan that visiting an overseas country is something every Pakistani want’s to earn. It’s like a reward, we all want to achieve. Mostly traveler …

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Haatim’s Journey

written by Khaled Qayum   When returned Haatim Tai after his lengthy sojourn, he faced his wife, who screamed at him first, then hugged him while laughing out loud later. Befuddled totally at a behavior, which he failed to understand, he quizzed her, “why my dear, light of my lantern, …

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