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IT minister inaugurates 18th ITCN Fire Safety Asia Exhibition

Administrative Minister for Information Technology Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on Tuesday said setting up of an administrative expert is under thought of the legislature to modernize data innovation in the nation and the declaration in such manner will be made soon. In the wake of initiating a three-day eighteenth ITCN Asia …

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Water Crisis in Pakistan

By Aman Hashmi Water is the most valuable resource on Earth because without it ,almost nothing can survive, All plants and animals on land need freshwater to survive Yet few of us stop to wonder where water comes from or what would happen if it stopped gushing out of our …

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Top 5 Engineering Disciplines in Pakistan

Top 5 Fields Other Than Engineering in Pakistan 05. Electrical Engineering 04. Aeronautical Engineering 03. Chemical Engineering 02. Manufacturing Engineering 01. Civil Engineering 05. Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering is one of the biggest and broadest designing control that arrangements with the investigation and use of power, hardware, and electromagnetism. Electrical designing has now subdivided …

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Success Stories – Entrepreneur under 30

Profile: Syed Fahad Raza is 23. Graduated in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power from Iqra National University (INU) (2011-2015) Post Graduate in Project Management from Institute of Management Sciences. Member, Pakistan Engineering Council Co-Manager at Google Business Group (Peshawar Chapter) CEO and Co-Founder at Khpal Dukan. Member at TEDx …

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Engineering Jobs in Faisal Movers 2018

Job Opportunities in Faisal Movers 2018. Positions: Mechanical: Qualification: B.Tech (Hons)/ BSc./ DAE (Mechanical) 03 to 05 Years experience. Job Location: Multan (2), Lahore (2) Auto Technology (Engineer): Qualification: B.Tech (Hons)/ BSc./ DAE (Auto Mobile Technology) 03 to 05 Years experience. Job Location: Multan (1), Lahore (1) Electrical (Engineer): Qualification: B.Tech …

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