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77 percent of teens all over the world reported anxiety, worries and low self-esteem By Saima Batool New challenges are coming up on a daily basis with the change of technology and new type of phobias emerge that have been labelled broadly as technophobias. As the first mobile phone was …

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How societies will use their new technological power?

By: Saima Batool For the second half of this century technical progress has been bound up with the production and consumption of consumer durables. Middle-class people throughout the industrial world have acquired more and more goods. One-car families have become two or three car families those households with one TV …

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Tech World – Welcome to the Digital Revolution

By Saima Batool. Predicting the future is hard, so let’s start by explaining the past. What’s the best lens for evaluating the arc of world history during the nineteenth century? For starters, it’s the dawn of liberal democracy. The French have already guillotined their king, and a handful of John …

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